League Bets

2020 Season


BetParticipants (Bet)StakesResults
Big Ben vs Danny Dimes

 Total fantasy points (no injury clause)

1.      Josh (Ben)

2.      GT (Jones)

$20Josh wins
Big Ben is a top 17 QB1.      Josh (QB17 or Above)

 2.      Ryan (QB18 or below)

$25 Josh wins (QB12)
Josh misses playoffs1. Don (Josh misses playoffs)

2. Josh (Josh makes playoffs)
Mayback’sJosh wins
Alvin Kamara Top 5 RB on a PPG basis1. Nick (Not Top 5)

2. Keegan (Top 5 RB)
They don’t rememberKeegan (RB2 on PPG)

2019 Season

BetParticipants (Bet)StakesResults
NY Jets make the playoffs1.      Don (Yes)


2.      GT (No)

Donald runs a beer mile in less than 10 minutes (unless he is Sacko, then the bet is off)1.      Donald (Runner)


2.      Jordan (Watcher)


If Donald completes in under 10 minutes Jordan owes him $50Donald

2018 Season

BetParticipants (Bet)StakesResults
Over/Under 6 wins for the NY Jets1.      Jordan (Over)


2.      Don(Under)

1/10th of a RackDonald Wins
Jason (-3.5) outscores Josh in Week 21.      Nick (Jason)


2.      Josh (Josh)

If Nick wins: Josh makes a video saying Buffalo is trash and posts to website


If Josh wins: Nick supports Josh as commissioner until Josh steps down

Josh Wins
AFC East Division Champion1.      Keegan (Bills, Dolphins, Jets)


2.      Jordan (Patriots)

$80Jordan Wins
Brees vs Goff Fantasy points


(week 4-17)

(Any week where one is injured and other isn’t will be nullified)

1.      Keegan (Goff)


2.      Nick (Brees)

Nick Pays for Keegans Sack OutfitKeegan Wins