Frank’s Power Rankings

What’s the point anymore? As this chapter closes for 4 of us a new chapter begins. The rebuilds have begun, the rest are in the hunt for a Championship. The most important question still looms. Will Jordan put back on the pre wedding weight before he has to lug our clubs around the golf course? […]

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone. This year we have a lot to be thankful for. I am thankful for my friends, family, and a winning Cowboys season. But mostly I am thankful for my friends who suck at gambling! I enjoy sitting on the top of the leader board watching you all burn your money with your […]


matchup of the week: week 12

Well, Frank finally decides to post the FPR and royally messed up his food rankings. Unsurprising considering the kid has the palate of a 6 year old. Any real ranking MUST include cornbread and stuffed mushrooms and/or mushroom casserole. These are American staples on Thanksgiving. I wish he messed up the FPR as well but […]

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Frank’s Power Rankings

Thanksgiving Edition: It’s that time of the year again, time for family, football, and food. Turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing are a staple at this time of year but where do they actually stand up against one another? We will dive into the power rankings of Thanksgiving food and I expect a healthy debate to […]

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Boy it is a good thing I am decent at sports betting because I got absolutely robbed at the casino playing blackjack yesterday. The dealer could only flip tens, seemingly getting 20 or 21 on every hand. Meanwhile I had to hit multiple times just to find myself at 15 or 16. It did not […]


Frank’s Power Rankings

Don’t have time for a drawn out masterpiece tonight so instead I give you a story. This story is about how our lacrosse team in high school ruined trips for generations to come. Senior year of high school Scotia-Glenville was on pace to have it’s best season in history with a chance at the first […]

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matchup of the week: week 11

The Matchup of the Week delivered! Keegan topped Steve in the nail biter of the century to ruin my perfect week. I am now 31-9 but that is the last thing we are focused on. The real storyline of Week 10 was big trades and big injuries. Don’s Cooper Kupp is dead and Ryan went […]

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Wasted Experts

Happy Football Sunday boys and girls. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and is ready to let Scott Hanson sweet talk them for 7 hours of commercial free football. I am sure we will all be glued to our screens tracking our shit fantasy squads and SGP’s. Free tip to the bettors out there today, […]

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Frank’s Power Rankings

The rankings that actually matter. Two things are true when it comes to Power Rankings. You are what your record says you are and also you are what your points for says you are. I am aware that these numbers can often times be contradictory but when used together they can predict the future. Prediction […]

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matchup of the week: week 10

“Good teams win, great teams cover.” – Josh Reich, last week. Well, I guess Steve, Don, Ryan, and I are great while Keegan is merely “good.” Naturally I went 5-0 in my predictions but we witnessed Don commit violence on Sacko, Ryan punished Donals, and Jafar nearly upset Keegan after trading away Hopkins. INSANITY. I […]

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