After a brief hiatus from the blog, we are back! Not to worry, I have been tracking stats in the background even though I have not posted them the last couple of weeks. Hopefully everyone had a great New Years, set some unobtainable goals, and started off day one of 2023 returning to the same shitty version of themselves from 2022. I know I have.

Our competition is a hot one as we approach the penultimate week of the regular season. Steve is fighting me off to hold his spot in first place. That push may end up being the savoir for him. Nick has passed Josh to jump up in to third place and has kept himself in striking distance. Our battle for third and fourth place comes down to the married couple. Cait looks to confirm what we already all knew, she is the smarter football fan/bettor of the couple.

Meanwhile at the bottom of our pile, Jason has broken 40 loses on the season. It is pretty impressive how bad he is at this. Stick with fantasy football my friend, you have found more successes there.

Week 17 Picks

SteveBUF -1MIA +2.5NYG o38KC u45
Ryan TB -3SEA +1.5LV o41.5ATL u42
Nick JAX -4ARI +3WAS o40.5PHI u42
Josh JAX -4CLE +2DET o52BAL u36
Cait PHI -6.5CAR +3HOU o43GB u48.5
Don PHI -5.5MIA +3DET o52.5NYG u39
Greg DET -6SEA +2LAC o40.5NE u42
KeeganTB -3CHI +6NE o41GB u47.5
JasonNYJ -1.5PIT +2.5LAC o42.5TEN u40.5

Current Standings:

1.) Steve 35-28-1
2.) Ryan 34-30
3.) Nick 32-29-3
4.) Josh 31-31-2
5.) Cait 31-32-1
6.) Don 30-34
7.) Greg 25-37-2
8.) Keegan 25-39
9.) Jason 21-41-2

Good luck to all of those with something to play for this week.


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