I’m on the road this week and attempting to write this blog from my phone for the first time, so bear with me if formatting gets screwed up. Also I won’t be posting last weeks results table because it’s too much effort.

We have a new leader on top the score board, after Steve had an impressive 4-0 week. I was unable to fend him off from the top spot and I have dropped to 2. Our tie for third was also broken, with Josh jumping into the solo third place position.

Week 14 Picks

RyanKC -9MIN + 2.5 BUF o43.5NYG u45.5
JoshLV -6MIN +2.5DET o53CIN u47.5
NickKC -9.5BAL +2.5BUF o43.5DET u52.5
CaitSEA -4.5CLE +5.5CIN o46.5LAR u42
GregSEA -4MIN +2.5CIN o47LAR u44.5
SteveCIN -5.5BAL +2BUF o43TEN u41
DonKC -9HOU +17DEN u44DET o52
JasonKC -9NYJ +10BAL o36.5CAR u44.5
Keegan KC -9MIN +2PIT o37TEN u41

Current Standings:

1.) Steve 29-22-1
2.) Ryan 29-23
3.) Josh 26-24-2
4.) Nick 25-24-3
5.) Cait 24-27-1
6.) Don 24-28
7.) Greg 21-29-2
8.) Keegan 21-31
9.) Jason 18-33-1


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