Happy Thanksgiving everyone. This year we have a lot to be thankful for. I am thankful for my friends, family, and a winning Cowboys season. But mostly I am thankful for my friends who suck at gambling! I enjoy sitting on the top of the leader board watching you all burn your money with your lousy picks. Sorry, that was mean and not in the spirit of the holiday. I hope everyone has a fantastic day today, filled with great meals, laughs, and Micah Parsons sacks.

Week 11 made some big move changes on the leader board. Stove came in hot with a 4-0 week and snuck himself into second place, only a couple games back out of first place. The battle for the third-place spot is heating up between Nick and Josh who are tied. Don’t look now, but 4/9 of our experts are over .500. We might just be better than we thought. We also had another perfect week from Greg, who cashed in his second parlay ticket this season. Who said parlays are a fools bet?! definitely wasn’t me.

Week 11 Results

RyanPHI -7MIN +1.5GB o41PIT u411-3
JoshNE -3CHI +3 (push)BUF o43GB u412-1-1
NickBUF -8.5CHI +3 (push)IND o45DEN u411-2-1
CaitNYG -3TEN +3.5BUF o41.5ATL u492-2
GregNE -3.5TEN +3.5PIT o41IND u454-0
DonNYG -3MIN +1.5ARI o43.5BAL u41.52-2
JasonPHI -6.5NYJ +3.5ARI o43.5CL E u48.51-3
KeeganBUF -8.5TEN +3.5DEN o41LAC u521-3
SteveCI N-3.5LV +2.5ARI o43.5NE u384-0

Week 12 Picks

RyanPHI -6.5CHI +6TEN o42.5DAL u45.5
JoshLAC -4.5TEN +1.5JAX o43.5IND u39
NickMIN -3ATL +4CLE o43JAX u43.5
CaitCIN -2NE +3KC o43.5SEA u47.5
GregIND -2.5LV +3.5SF o43DET u54
DonDAL -10JAX +3.5DET o54.4WAS u40.5
JasonDAL -10 CAR +2.5NYJ o38.5LV u48
KeeganMIN -2.5CHI +6CAR o36DET u54.5
SteveBUF -9.5CHI +6KC o43MIA u47

Current Standings:

1.) Ryan 25-19
2.) Steve 23-20-1
3.) Nick 22-20-2
4.) Josh 22-20-2
5.) Don 20-24
6.) Cait 19-24-1
7.) Keegan 18-26
8.) Greg 17-25-2
9.) Jason 15-28-1

Gobble Gobble, Motherfuckers – Blockhead

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