Frank’s Power Rankings

What’s the point anymore?

As this chapter closes for 4 of us a new chapter begins. The rebuilds have begun, the rest are in the hunt for a Championship. The most important question still looms. Will Jordan put back on the pre wedding weight before he has to lug our clubs around the golf course? My bet is a resounding, hell yes.

With 3 clear front runners in the league a few more questions remain. What will GT, Keegan, and Josh do heading into playoffs? Will they try to offload players before our December 2nd trade deadline to bolster their roster going into next season or ride it out hoping for a bit of luck in playoffs. If GT can keep the #1 seed I truly think he could knock off one of the Goliaths.

Feast your eyes on this week’s Power Ranks.

1.) Stove – this spot would belong to Don in my opinion if he had a healthy Kupp but alas, he does not. Kelce and Mahomes put Steve over the top here.

2.) Don – Even without Kupp, he has the best RB core in the league. Imagine playing CMC, Mixon or Chubb in the flex? Holy shit.

3.) Ryan – Ekeler is dazzling and I know Josh is crying watching his former steed in all his glory.

4.) Keegan – honestly if Keegan traded for a WR or RB he has a legit chance to compete but he will continue to float in the middle me thinks.

5.) Josh – I didn’t realize how painful GT’s team has become. Josh’s team doesn’t have great upside but it’s more than GT at this time.

6.) GT – His actual team isn’t very good but the #1 seed in his division is still within his grasp.

7.) Jafar – 5-7 ain’t too shabby for someone who is rebuilding like the 2015 Sixers, that’s not a bad showing record wise.

8.) Frank, Jamaar is maybe back? Idk 7-10 don’t even matter.

9.) Donald – See above

10.) Jordan – better hope Keegan can carry him in a 2 v 1 scramble cuz by hole 5 he may keel over.

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