Creating an NFL Team Using Pokémon

It all started with this Tweet from Clint Lamb. The NFL Draft set Twitter ablaze with picks, trades, player comparisons, the Raiders being the Raiders and hundreds of other story lines. None captivated us more than seeing this comparison of former Alabama Crimson Tide, now Carolina Panther Guard Deonte Brown, to none other than Blastoise. […]

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Frank’s Power Rankings

Kanye is my president Fuck Gus, all my homies hate Gus! Now that that is out of the way, time to dive in. 1.) Don Eaves – He gets Miles Sander and Chubb back and he’s still on pace to break records. This guy is the worst. At least Keegan beat him last week. 2.) […]

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Frank’s Power Rankings Tiers Edition Tier 1 “The Elite” 1.) Don Eaves 2. Jafar Tier 2 “Contenders” 3.) Ryan 4.) Zeglen 5.) Donald Tier 3 “Frisky” 6.) Josh 7.) Frank 8.) The Keegan Tier 4 “Sacko Contenders” 9.) Greg 10.) Gus

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Frank’s Power Rankings

Presented By: Derrick Henry’s stiff arm Running Back Rankings for All 10 Teams We all know that as the running back position goes, typically, the team goes. So for this week’s edition for Frank’s Power Rankings I will be diving into each teams running back room* as well as adding my overall power rankings as […]

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Frank’s Power Ranks

Week 5: Presented by prevagen So, I may or may not have forgotten all about last weeks Power Rankings. The CDL season is in coming to a head and I royally fucked the stats up there soooo I may have overlooked our beloved league, my apologies. Nevertheless we are here now and this season is […]

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Frank’s Power Rankings

Presented by: The TB12 Method What a wild off-season it has been! The Bills and Titans are *supposed* to be good, Tom Brady, Gronk and Leonard Fournette are teaming up in Tampa Bay, and Keegan still doesn’t use his first round picks. So I guess not everything is different. With the first week of the […]

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The Definitive COD Rankings

This entire blog is being done on my phone. To begin, I am publishing this blog for 2 reasons. 1. GT requested it 2. I have a 4 hour train ride to Providence, RI and I’m already bored. The criteria for COD Rankings must be split into 2 different categories. Multiplayer Rankings and Warzone Rankings. […]

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WR Rankings

This is based ability and results. Injuries are also a factor. I am not as long winded as Josh so enjoy. 1 DeAndre Hopkins 2 Julio Jones 3 Michael Thomas 4 Devante Adams 5 Amari Cooper 6 Mike Evans 7 Odell Beckham Jr. 8 Keenan Allen 9 Kenny Golladay 10 Chris Godwin 11 Allen Robinson […]

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