Frank’s Power Rankings

Week 7: Each WTFFL Team as an NFL Franchise

Since the first week there has been a wealth of changes in our illustrious league. Thus a blog to discuss what teams from our league we really resemble. Some may have hit the nail on the head and others may have missed the mark. Let’s discuss. \


Original NFL Comp: LA Chargers

Current NFL Comp: Green Bay Packers

Josh has made a few key trades this year that have set him up to be one of the league favorites on paper but as we know, football is not played on a piece of paper. Much like the Packers, Josh’s lineup has not been able to gel together to produce much to be thrilled about. Josh lives to look at his teams “projected” total before the week starts, only to watch his squad limp out of game after game with meager performances.


Original NFL Comp: Atlanta Falcons

Current NFL Comp: Carolina Panthers

Our original assessment of Jordan was very much spot on. Fortunately for Falcons fans they have NOT lived up to their piss poor billing. Jordan resembles Carolina much more closely, except the whole winning a game thing. The potential loss of CMC for both squads should all but seal their fate for this season. On to 2023 for Gus.


Original NFL Comp: Minnesota Vikings

Current NFL Comp: Cincinnati Bengals

As Keegan previously stated he is a team that goes as 1 or 2 players go. For him that is Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen but he clearly is not to the level of those two players, so why the Bengals? The Bengals also had some question marks coming into the season and have generally performed okay but outstanding. The biggest similarity is that the Bengals are a different team when Joe Burrow performs well. In wins Joe Burrow is 71 for 104 for 862 yards and 8 TDs to 0 INTs. In Losses he is 81 for 124 for 754 yards and 4 TDs and 5 INTs. Coincidence? I think not.


Original NFL Comp: New England Patriots

Current NFL Comp: Pittsburgh Steelers

I originally had Jason slated as the Patriots because it was a once proud franchise who had fallen on hard times. Little did I know I had the wrong team the whole time. Jason more resembles the Steelers for one simple reason. Young talent. The Steelers have a few gems like George Pickens sprinkled amongst a hodgepodge of players from an older age who are just living out their final days like Trubisky and Cam Heyward. Jason should also look forward to 2023 but he can make a push quicker than Jordan.


Original NFL Comp: 2021 LA Rams

Current NFL Comp: Kansas City Chiefs

Okay I know this is VERY on the nose but the resemblance is uncanny. Obviously both teams have Mahomes and Kelce but it is clear both teams also are poised for another deep playoff run. The Chiefs barely lost to the power house Bills and they look to compete in every game moving forward. I have no doubts we will both of these teams in the semi finals at the least this year.


Original NFL Comp: Seattle Seahawks

Current NFL Comp: Seattle Seahawks

I got one right! Kind of… I predicted both teams to be faring much more poorly than they are. Both teams have surprised their respective leagues with their heart and hustle. Donald could take another top heavy team to the playoffs if he continues this run he is on. Onward Donald!


Original NFL Comp: Denver Broncos

Current NFL Comp: Denver Broncos

Sadly, another correct team prediction but instead of surprisingly good, both teams have been surprisingly bad. Both offenses have floundered, especially in recent weeks. Without a solid option at QB it will be tough for playmakers like Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton to thrive. Much like the inability for Mike Evans , Ja’Marr Chase and Dalvin Cook to find a rhythm with the changing pieces around them. Maybe Denver should ship out Melvin Gordon like Frank did to Swift.


Original NFL Comp: Buffalo Bills

Current NFL Comp: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ryan has been unable to get the ball rolling like the preseason Super Bowl Favorites from the NFC largely due to injuries to key players. On Ryan’s side he has lost key players like Jonathan Taylor, Amon-Ra St. Brown and Dak Prescott for portions of the season, much like the revolving door at receiver in Tampa. Ryan has the firepower to right the ship, but will he? Unclear.

Don Eaves

Original NFL Comp: Green Bay Packers

Current NFL Comp: Buffalo Bills

Simply put, these teams are ALL IN. Anything other than a championship will be considered a failure. It is not hyperbole to say that there on no other teams in the same stratosphere as Don and the Bills. If the Bills add a stud running back it will be even more uncanny. All that’s left to do is figure out if they are going to fuck it up.


Original NFL Comp: Washington Commanders

Current NFL Comp: New York Giants

A surprise to many, including their fans, both of these teams have been rocking! Contributions from unsung heroes like CEH and Breece Hall have allowed Greg to take sole possession of first place in “The Morning Squad and Frank” Division. Despite flaws on paper these two teams have gelled together to become a force on the field (and the internet?). Lets see how for each can go

1.) Don Eaves

2.) Stove

3.) Greg

4.) Ryan

5.) Keegan

6.) Donald

7.) Josh

8.) Jafar

9.) Frank

10.) Jordan

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