It was a rough week for our experts in week 5. Only 1 out of our 9 had a positive record, and 1 went even. Everyone else on the panel had a negative record, 4 of those being 0-4. Week 6 is our chance to rebound and get back to winning. Here’s a look at the carnage that is our picks from last week.

Week 5 Results

LAC -2.5DEN -3.5SF -6LAR -5.5DEN -3.5KC -7PHI -5TEN -1.5PHI -5
DAL +5.5DET +3DET +3IND +3DET +3DET +3DET +3.5NYJ +3DET +3
WAS o43BAL o48.5WAS o42.5WAS o42.5LAR o43TB o46.5BAL o47.5BAL o48.5PIT o46.5
GB u40.5LAR u43LAR u45.5NO u46MIN u44CLE u47.5GB u41.5ATL u46.5NYJ u46


But the season goes on and we have a fan base relying on our picks. There is money to be made. Although, our expert Greg has released the statement that if you are interested in making money you should fade all of his picks in a parlay. Honestly based on record probably not a bad decision.

A look into week 6:

Week 6 Picks

ExpertFavorite UnderdogOverUnder
Ryan CIN -2CAR +9.5MIA o45.5SEA u50.5
JoshSF -5.5JAX +2KC o54LAR u41
NickTB -8ATL +5.5NYG o45SEA u50.5
CaitARI -2.5NYG +5.5CLE o43.5IND u42
GregGB -7.5JAX +2LAC o45.5PIT u44
DonSF -5.5NE +2.5PHI o42IND u42
JasonTB -8NYJ +7.5KC o53.5LAR u41.5
KeeganSF -5NYJ +7.5KC o54CLE u43
SteveMIN -3.5DAL +6.5KC o54NYG u45

Why didn’t anyone tell me this graph looks much better turned this way? Thanks friends.

Current Standings:

1.) Ryan 11-9
2.) Josh 10-9-1
3.) Nick 10-9-1
4.) Keegan 10-10
5.) Don 9-11
6.) Steve 8-11-1
7.) Jason 7-12-1
8.) Cait 6-13-1
9.) Greg 5-14-1

Goodluck everyone, go make some money! – Block head

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