Frank’s Power Rankings

Trade Deadline Madness

There has been a lot of talk around the league lately about the deals that have been getting done. The biggest splash came last week with CMC departing Carolina and waves continued to be made with names like James Robinson and Robby Anderson on the move as well. With a few big names still up in the air before the November 1st deadline, one things is for certain. These trades will have a major impact on our beloved WTFFL.

1.) Don Eaves – With no single non-TE projected below 14.4 points this week Don’s team is looking to continue to steam roll past Donald and continue to flex on the rest of the league.

2.) Greg – Even with the Breece Hall injury, Greg seems to be doing enough to stay in contention. If Singletary or CEH can set themselves apart from the other backs in their cohort, Greg will have the firepower at QB, WR, and TE to continue to prosper.

3.) Stove – If it wasn’t for his Bye Week woes, it is entirely possible Steve could have leapfrogged Greg but its also possible that he finds himself on the losing end of his matchup with Keegan this week. If Steve can pull off a win expect him to slide into that 2 spot next week.

4.) Ryan – Even at 3-4 I still have not given up on Ryan, and that’s for two reasons. Josh Jacobs and Jonathan Taylor. Jacobs has been running like a man possessed and with a QB change coming in Indy I expect the JT volume to surge in the running and passing game. Ryan also has his fingers crossed Kareem Hunt gets traded so he has another Flex option.

5.) Josh – I actually debated Josh at 4 here because of the James Robinson trade but his inability to find a TE or QB is concerning. If Robinson emerges in NY and Swift finally plays and is his normal self then Josh could catapult himself. The CMC trade does hurt him however, rendering Jeff Wilson practically obsolete moving forward.

6.) Keegan – Why is Keegan, who has a better record, more PF and the best QB/WR duo in the league below Josh? A few reasons actually. Keegan’s upside is actually quite low beyond JA17 and Diggs. Kamara has proven to be strong in recent weeks but that offense is still in disarray. In addition, Jeudy, Michael Carter, Bateman and Cole Kmet are all players who would likely not start on many other contenders. Keegan is the biggest boom or bust team in the league currently.

7.) Frank – 6th most PF in the league while also getting a steady producer back at QB aligns with a matchup against the lowly Sacko this week. All signs point toward Frank being 3-5 with a backdoor chance at the playoffs. In order to make any more northern movement, either Khalil Herbert or David Montgomery needs to establish themselves as the go to guy. If they continue to split work Frank won’t be able to rise.

8.) Donald – I hyped him up recently and he let us down against Stove due to Fournette’s inability to get anything going. Couple that with Damien Harris’s backseat to Stevenson as well as Jimmy G being, well, Jimmy G (still outscoring Brady btw) Donald has a low ceiling. If Deebo is hurt Donald may slip further.

9.) Jafar – Cade Cotton and Romeo Doubs, need I say more? If Jason was smart he would sell Kyler to the likes of Don Eaves or Josh. But we all know he will sit on a gold mine that he literally can’t use while all 3 of his mobile QB’s age even further and begin to lose a step. One bright stop for Jason is Eli Moore may create more opportunity for Garrett Wilson moving forward but that will likely help him more next year than this year.

10.) Jordan – Congrats on the wife, I will leave it at that.

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