Frank’s Power Rankings

The rankings that actually matter.

Two things are true when it comes to Power Rankings. You are what your record says you are and also you are what your points for says you are. I am aware that these numbers can often times be contradictory but when used together they can predict the future.

Prediction #1: Jordan will be the first winless Sacko in the history of the league

By Week 5, Gus had broken 100 twice. Since then he has set a new mark for lowest weekly points total in league history. He broken his own record set earlier in the year. Unfortunately, the rains down in Africa will not be blessing Jordan any time soon. He only has 1 more game against any of the bottom 4 teams in the league. GG Gus, hopefully your back doesn’t break carrying Don’s golf clubs.

Prediction #2: The Week 12 Matchup between Blocky and Lawyer boy will decide the first round bye for Morning Squad and Frank Division.

Unfortunately Greg has caught the injury bug. Ryan’s team is powerful and despite Josh having a almost zero fire power at QB or TE his overperforming WR’s in Amari Cooper, Jju Smith-Schuster and Christian Kirk have helped him to 1 game back from 1st place in the division. In the past 3 weeks, Ryan has been averaging an underwhelming 111.9 PPG while Josh has steadily increased to 128.5 PPG in those 3 weeks. This one could be closer than we all think.

Final Prediction: Steve will make a trade that helps him win his first ever championship.

This one may be the most bold but hear me out. Steve has the best QB/TE duo in the league. He has emerging stars in Cee Dee and AJ Brown. He has a bona fide workhorse in Derrick Henry and the ultimate swiss army knife in Cordarelle Patterson. If Steve can acquire a stud RB or WR for his second flex spot over the next few weeks I think he will be able to fend off Don by securing the all important first round bye. Some targets at RB he may look for could include Aaron Jones (DMAC), Alvin Kamara (DAVE), Leonard Fournette (DMAC), Dalvin Cook (LEFF). At WR he could be in the market for Mike Evans (LEFF), Amari Cooper (REIC), Christian Kirk (REIC), or Deebo Samuel (DMAC)

I now present to you, the REAL Power Rankings, not the Walmart brand Reich shit.

1.) Don Eaves

2.) Steve

3.) GT

4.) Keegan

5.) Josh

6.) Ryan

7.) Frank

8.) Donald

9.) Jason

10.) Gus

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