Frank’s Power Rankings

Week 9

1.) Don Eaves – A passing, rushing and receiving touchdown!? Yeah I think Don’s new steed is going to treat him well. Don dropped 150+ this week even with a poor showing from Devante. He is going to be just fine kids.

2.) Steve – Steve’s team rolled after he was disrespected in last weeks Power Rankings. Sitting at #1 with the most PF in the league may leave some wondering why he is still below Don. The simple fact is they have to earn it. They need a huge week and Don to drop a dud to overtake our reigning champ.

3.) GT – Although they lost GT’s squad still managed 140+ points after losing some key pieces. With DJ Moore starting to shine his squad may be able to overcome these injuries and make a push at the end of the year.

4.) Keegan – 160+ points on the backs of, you guessed it, Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs. Oh wait! A wild Kamara appears! Alvin decided to take matters into his own hands along with fellow steed Tony Pollard. Maybe Keegan isn’t so one dimensional?

5.) Ryan – One if only 4 teams to have over 1000 points but he is clearly trending downward. It is quite scary to see, but there is hope. D Hop joining the squad means a boost. If his team performs how they are capable he could vault himself back into the Top 3 in coming weeks

6.) Josh – Narrowly clinging onto the 6th and final playoff spot is Josh. If you’d ask him his teams upside is tops in the league if everyone goes off. He’s delusional but at least he’s .500 and in a spot for playoffs. Amari Cooper being productive is a bright spot for Josh. I find it likely he makes playoffs and then losses in a blow out.

7.) Frank – A tough bye week leaves his squad desperate to continue their winning ways against Steve. I predict a gaping hole where my mouth used to be. Be gentle Steve.

8.) Donald – Miami is still throwing and Donald is still scoring. Although he ran into a buzz saw with Don Eaves, Donald can still produce. He is likely looking forward to next year. Maybe when he rejoins WGL he will be able to experience winning again.

9.) Jason – The Firesale is on. If Jason doesn’t hit on at least 3 picks next year he may be regretting what he’s done. Only time will tell.

10.) Jordan – The coffee place in Africa looked cool!

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