matchup of the week: week 13

Frank phoned it in, I will too. I went 4-1 last week bringing the total to 39-11. BUT I almost did reverse jinx our Sacko to a win. What happened Steve? A mere 29 point victory over Sacko and you still get Frank’s top spot after Ryan dropped over 200 on me? Bullshit. Ryan had 4 players outscore my whole squad. The Blockhead’s ceiling is nuts. Between Ryan, Don, and Steve there is a special set of squads.

This week’s Matchup of the Week is Don (FPR 2) and I (FPR 5) but I can’t bring myself to write about how Don is going to destroy me equally as bad as Ryan did last week so everyone will get an abbreviated version because a picture is worth 1,000 words. As you can see below, Don has a giant matchup weiner and I am left with something a one-checkmark weiner. Ouch. I definitely think I have a major tight end advantage and will also fight Watson on Geno > Dak and Metcalf > Higgins but otherwise this is an unfair fight. Don by 63.

Frank (FPR 8) v. Donals (FPR 9): I like Donals for the meaningful meaningless upset here. Watson is going to drop 40 on the Texans and Tua has a tough matchup. Bold prediction is both break 100!

Jafar (FPR 7) v. Stove (FPR 1): Kelce and Mahomes are going to power bottom Jafar this week. I also think Jafar’s only two “advantages”, Barkley and Wilson, have awful games compared to expectations. The Giants are falling off and Washington has a good defense and I am not sure the Mike White magic strikes again this week.

GT (FPR 6) v. Ryan (FPR 3): Ryan is on the rise, GT is going to the medical tent. Sadly, GT will probably make it farther in playoffs than I unless he loses out and I beat Jafar next week. Win win for me if Ryan loses because there is a shot he gets upset and I get a better draft pick!

Keegan (FPR 4) v. Sacko (FPR 10): Sacko may get outscored by Allen and Diggs if the Bills ruin my night tonight. I am hoping Sacko’s squad puts up a fight and maybe breaks 100 this week.

I disagree with Frank about a lot, but he got one thing right. The playoff field is set barring an epic performance by Jafar and Keegan or I shitting the bed. At least we have some bye week drama in both divisions and two weeks left before there is some aggressive shit talking in playoffs and some intrigue around whether Sacko will get his third Sackomone. Stay tuned gents.

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