Pre-draft mock draft

Work is slow but the NFL offseason is NOT so I figured we would take the time to start generating some interest in our upcoming draft and what better way to do that then to critique every team and do a pre-NFL-draft mock draft? I will first objectively evaluate each team by need and then […]

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The 2022 draft order

My first visit to the lotto and I leave with the 4th pick? Sad. GT gets 1-2? Sad. Jason gets 3? Glorious. The only person to blame? Cait. Below is the draft order. Let me know if you see any issues with the trades/picks you think you should have. I also included my draft pick […]

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the bet: week 16

Wow, what a season of ineptitude by yours truly. Not only did I disappoint GT by failing to post for the previous two weeks, I am 1/15 on my parlays in this competition (fuck Alabama). The current standings are not pretty. I am down 103.05 and Ryan is down 17.43. Gambling is harder than it […]

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The bet: week 12

What is the point of trying? I am feeling a bit like Gus, the world is against us and it may be time to give up. Two parlays go belly up, one because the Vikings can’t beat the lowly Lions and the other because Josh Allen can’t force Mac to whip out his cannon and […]

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the bet: week 10

Happy Thanksgiving Wasted Talent. Things are not going well in fantasy or gambling. The standings: Ryan -$14.30, Josh -$90. Ouch. Last week all bets went sideways quick when the Bills and New Orleans got steam rolled. Real life joy, gambling sadness. For the rest of the competition I am in a position where my strategy […]

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The Bet: Week 8

Big losses all around last week with the Colts busting Ryan’s under and the Bills screwing me in more ways than one. Josh, -$70, Ryan $5.70. This is a big pivot week (like every week) because I just need to hit one bet. When did parlays not hit over 50% of the time? Josh Parlay […]

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The Bet: week 5

Recap: Fuck the Bills and despite Ryan’s wishes, Josh did not change his ways. Just a reminder, this is the THIRD week that a single leg busted all parlays (6 total parlays busted (Alabama and Steelers responsible for the other busts)). Those are the unfortunate swings. FUCK THE BILLS. Adding insult to injury, the Cowboys […]

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The Bet: Week 3

Week 2 was a week to forget for many of us. The Titans, a key bet for Ryan and I, lost to the god damn Jets and busted both parlays. The only ones happy with that result are Frank, who goaded me into taking a stupid bet, and Gus, who does not have to deal […]

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Week 3, But week 1 of the bet

Well well well. As everyone knows, the past two years Gus and I competed in order to determine once and for all who the best gambler was. To nobody’s surprise, yours truly came out on top and Gus was punished appropriately. Sadly, Gus was no longer willing to challenge me. Enter Ryan. This year, Ryan […]

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