matchup of the week: week 5

Well I may not be able to gamble all that well but if there is no money on the line my predictions are fairly spot on. In my second week I went 3-2 with a correct prediction of the Matchup of the Week and the two bad guesses due to Frank’s team being injured and a wild nail-biter of a comeback from GT to vanquish Ryan. Overall record through two weeks is 7-3. Not too shabby.

This week’s Matchup of the Week is a battle of the Commissioner’s Office, AKA, GT (RPR 5) and myself (RPR 4).*

QB: Strong Advantage GT. No real analysis needed but clearly Burrow (QB7) is a bit more established/safer/better/ than Bridgewater (QB35). My only real hope here is the Jets doing Jets doing and a bunch of touchdowns to Waddle, NOT Hill.

RB: Advantage Josh. I am looking only at the RB slots here. Hall (RB17) has a tough matchup against a stout Miami defense and Singletary (RB23) has been shockingly great this season but the matchup against Pitt may favor Zach Moss in clock killing mode. I will be without Javonte, RIPIP, and my new steed, Swift. This hurts. BUT I love Ekeler (RB3) against a feisty Cleveland team and Robinson (RB11) against Houston in what I hope will be a favorable game script for the Jags.

WR: Slight Advantage GT. Wow, both teams have some serious firepower at WR. I think this is closer to a coin flip with Hill (WR3) and Brown (WR6) v. Sutton (WR11) and Higgins (WR15). First things first, GT gets to do a victory lap through 4 weeks on Brown. Who knew that Brown would be so much better after being freed from the Ravens run game? Equally shocking to me is how Hill has thrived without Mahomes. GT’s WR room looks great. For me Sutton has emerged as Wilson’s go to target and Higgins is balling out. GT’s duo gets the slight nod this week due to Hill’s matchup against the jets. Philly may give Brown some issues but volume alone should allow him to put up decent numbers.

TE: Huge Advantage GT. Andrews (TE2) was shut down last week. That will not happen again. The unicorn people stopped talking about once Pitts came into the league, Njoku (TE11), is proving why I had faith in him but Andrews is a special fantasy asset.

Flex: Advantage GT. RB v. WR. GT’s two best RBs, CEH (RB4), and Dobbins (RB43) are back in action and in his flex spot. Both have good matchups and CEH is having a year while Dobbins looked great in his second full game back in action. This RB duo gets the slight edge over my flex duo in Kirk (WR10) and either London (WR23), Juju (WR47), Thomas (WR30), Cooper (WR24), or Jeff Wilson (RB30) for two reasons. First, RBs have a higher floor. Second, I suck at coaching and will inevitably pick the worst option for my final flex spot. This is the way,

Prediction: Read between the lines.

Don (RPR 1) v. Frank (RPR 7): Give me some Don here. Hard to pick against him when Kupp is getting 19 targets a game.

Steve (RPR 2) v. Jafar (RPR 8): Last week showed the ups and downs of Jafar’s roster. On a bad QB week he won’t break 100. On a great week he can beat anyone. Give me Stove.

Ryan (RPR 3) v. Donals (RPR 9): Again, I have to pick Ryan but last week showed that Donals can compete without injuries.

Sacko (RPR 10) v. Keegan (RPR 6): Yuck. I am not sure what is happening here but with full lineups Keegan is projected for 108 and Sacko for 101. Call it a coin flip but give me Keegan on the back of Josh Allen and Diggs. He may even get a point or two from a tight end?

*Frank’s Power Rankings was slow this week so these were released using the RPR scale. A much more reliable and honorable ranking system.

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