Frank’s Power Rankings

Week 5: Major Moves

This week we had drama on every inch of the Wasted Talent FFL. Major trades, major injuries, major diarrhea (just me?). With these huge changes there is comes equally large changes to Frank’s Power Rankings. Enjoy, and discuss.

1. Don Eaves – Don takes the lead through 4 weeks with a massive 558 PF. Ryan is going to have to be a better coach to catch Don.

2. Ryan – No surprise here. At 2-2 Ryan needed to drop but his powerhouse squad still can’t be ignored.

3. Stove – I fully expect Najee to right the ship but Steve’s WRs and Derrick Henry picked it up for him in the meantime

4. Greg – One of only 4 teams over 500 PF. Greg made a huge leap on the backs of CEH, Breece Hall and the emerging JK Dobbins.

5. Josh – Josh picked up a huge addition in Swift but his QB situation along injuries to key players like Michael Thomas and Javonte Williams prevent him from jumping higher.

6. Frank – The Firesale is on but they top end talent is still a force. If Swift is out longer I may be able to scratch my way to .500.

7. Keegan – That TE position is bleak. Turns out trading away your top 2 TEs was a mistake. Keegan sits at 2-2 with Kamara coming back but let’s be honest. If he doesn’t get 60 per week from Josh and Stefon he’s cooked.

8. Donald – He’s on the upswing! Donald won a nail biter thanks to the Brady-Fournette touchdown catch (fuck you). Deebo is a workhorse, great pick by Donald.

9. Jason – 1-3 with the second lowest PF in the league. I don’t see it for Jason this year but he has picks in the draft so Jason probably won’t stay down for long.

10. Jordan – He won’t read this so who cares. Kid sucks. Trade CMC you buffoon.

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