Betting. Is. Hard.

There is a reason gambling addicts go to rehab. It is not easy. You will eventually lose all of your money, loved ones, and belongings. Vegas will always win, and they love taking everything you have. Remember this when looking at the standings, betting is hard, and anything over 50% is considered a success.

Ok, we’re back. Let’s bet some more! Week 3 was tough for some of our experts (sorry G). We had a large majority taking Kansas City as a favorite, and they lost outright. That pick knocked me out of survivor, and I am blaming the combined jinx of Nick, Josh and GT. Thanks a lot boys.

Here is our Week 3 board:

Week 3 Picks

BAL -3KC -6.5KC -5.5KC -5.5KC -5.5KC -5.5KC -5.5KC -5.5BUF -5.5
ATL +2ATL +2DET +6PIT +4.5HOU +2.5ATL +1TEN +1.5GB +1DET +6
TB o41.5NE o43.5TEN o45.5CLE o38MIA o52.5CLE o38WSH o47.5MIA o52.5TB o42
MIN u52.5MIN u52.5DEN u45MIN u52.5SEA u42DEN u45NYG u39.5SEA u42CIN u46

A strong showing from 4/9 of our experts going 3-1. Impressive stuff! A look at our current standings and records:

1.) Ryan 7-5
2.) Don7-5
3.) Josh 7-5
4.) Steve 6-5-1
5.) Keegan 5-7
6.) Nick 4-7-1
7.) Jason 4-8
8.) Cait 3-9
9.) Greg 1-10-1

Our picks have been submitted and locked in for Week 4. I personally love the slate this week. I plan on betting my entire weekly allowance this week. Don’t tell Ashley when I lose all of my monies.

Week 4 Picks

LAC -4.5BUF -3DAL -3.5BUF -3NYG -3PHI -6.5PHI -6.5PHI -6.5LAC -5
MIA +4ARI +2KC +1ARI +2ARI +1.5DEN +2.5BAL +3TEN +3.5NO +2.5
TB o45.5CAR o42.5PIT o41.5PIT o40.5PHI o46.5SF o42.5TB o45.5BAL o51SF o42.5
ATL u49.5NO u43.5CAR u43.5LV u45.5ATL u49NYJ u45.5NYG u39.5TB u46ATL u47.5

GLHF! – Blocky

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