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Well guys, thanks to a couple of brutal backdoor cover busters in the Bengals and 49ers picks we have our first taste of a red week. Nothing more frustrating than losing a bet you should’ve had in the bag only to have it ripped away by some shmuck like Ryan Fitzpatrick trying to play hero. Alas, I’m a glass half full kind of guy and will take this as a positive. The reads were spot on once again and if the down weeks look like 4-6 with the good weeks looking like 7-3 we are in good shape big picture. Remember the Guster mantra – we will go up and we will go down but we will finish on top. Through 3 weeks Guster is 18-12, lets break down last weeks results:

Saturday NCAAF: I had a bad feeling going into Saturday on the Clemson game and I guess my gut was right on that one. My unbiased analysis showed a market discrepancy with Florida State at home, but sometimes you just gotta listen to your instincts and ride with the public. We start the day 0 for 1 with Clemson bashing FSU. Georgia and Iowa were able to take care of business on their mid afternoon games pulling us back up to 2-1. In the last two evening games Texas A&M fell short late and Stanford blew a lead in the 4th quarter to knock us back to 2-3 on the day.

Sunday NFL: As you can tell from this weeks headline there were a couple of tough ones on Sunday. It started the day looking like a potentially profitable one with Cincinnati, Seattle and Chicago all comfortably in control of their match up well into the 4th quarter. I’m already thinking 4-1 or 5-0 on the day and of course Ryan Fitzfuckhead had to come along and screw it up making a 3 score comeback in the 4th quarter to blow the cover. Regardless, we still were at 2-1 heading into the late games and once again looked good with San Francisco controlling the Cardinals until a late resurgence by Josh Rosen spoiled the fun. Now I’m officially ticked off as we could have been 4-0 going into Sunday night and locking in a green weekend. After those blunders it was no surprise that the Vikings couldn’t take care of business at home against New Orleans even with Drew Brees having a considerably weak showing.

Time to turn the page, we are still averaging a winning week at 18-12 overall. We got a whole deck of winners this week with a stacked Saturday of prime time match ups.

*disclaimer: Guster’s Guarantees is not liable for any wagers lost in relation to any suggestions made during this segment*

Week 10 College Picks

Texas -1.5 vs West Virginia

Georgia -9.5 @ Kentucky

Michigan -9.5 vs Penn St

LSU +14.5 vs Alabama

Northwestern +10.5 vs Notre Dame


Week 9 NFL Picks

MIN -5.5 vs DET

LAR -1.5 @ NO


NE -5.5 vs GB

TEN +5.5 @ DAL

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