Guster’s Guarantees

ash ketchum pokemon GIF

F the Chargers for not being able to put up one lousy score last week. Now I have no choice but to go into Ash Ketchum backward hat mode and lock this thing down. Josh was very stingy with the numbers this week and put me in a very tight spot. I would have liked the Giants quite a lot if the number was at 3 but 2.5 is too risky so I will take the only good spread I can get behind. To make matters even harder, the entire Miami running back group will be out today with the Coco, but I will stick with the Phins and hope they can keep it with in 1 score. Hoping for some Hanukkah magic.

Pick Tracker:

Week 14 Challenges:

  1. KC -7.0 @ MIA

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