Happy NFL Sunday boys and girls! Cannot believe we are already onto Week 11. The season is flying by, and as the weeks progress, so does the negative bank account both Josh and I have been building. I’m sitting at 4-4, and Josh at 0-8 through 8 weeks since we started this fun little challenge. Who knew it was going to be about which one of us could go less negative? Current standings are as follows:

Ryan: -$4.30
Josh: -$80.0

This week I have a little extra something up my sleeve, birthday magic. I just got off of a perfect 6-6 day betting on college football, which I can only credit to the birthday magic. Hopefully I saved a little extra to carry me through Sunday.

Josh needs a little magic of his own to climb back into this race. Honestly, I’m rooting for the kid. It’s not fair that he lose his bets each week, and his fantasy football matchups. A guy can only stand so much losing. Maybe this will be his week?

The Bets:

Josh Parlay #1:

NE -6.5 @ ATL (already hit on Thursday night, good start)
DET @ CLE -6.5
GB -1.5 @ MIN

$9 bet to profit $53.49

Josh Parlay #2:

GB -1.5 @ MIN
ARI -2 @ SEA
DAL +2.5 @ KC
IND +7 @ BUF

$1 bet to profit $32.96

Ryan’s Bet:

WAS @ CAR -3

$10 bet to profit $8.33

Hope everyone gets a chance to sit down and enjoy 7 hours of commercial free football with Scott!

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