Round 1 Draft Review

Welcome boys! Today we are going to be taking a look at the first round of our annual draft to get a better idea of what the hit rate is for each draft position in our league. And later into the season we will take a look at the other rounds. 1.01 Everyone always wants […]

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Sacko Preview

Hello League! Todays blog post is no typical blog post but rather a VLOG post. You read that right! A video blog! I was hoping to post the video and embed it directly on our lovely website but we would need to buy a premium account to post videos 😦 So instead below is a […]

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A Bit About The Boys

Before we begin with these Bios I want everyone to know that I did absolutely no research or fact checking before publishing. Enjoy. White Don: Height: 5’7″ Weight: 170 lbs Sexual Orientation: Straight-ish Relationship Status: Taken Favorite Ice Cream: Rocky Road Draft Style: Injury Prone Magnet Coaching Ability’s: Average at best sometimes doesn’t have a […]

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