Rumor Mill


Sep. 28 2018 8:10 AM

*After a career performance on TNF, Cooper Kupp has found himself on the trade block* – RMR

Sep 21 2018 7:49 AM

*With the recent addition of Fitzmagic to I Beat Leffler, Coach/GM D Mac now has the hottest QB in the league, a promising young star in Watson, and a big ?? with Rosen. This move was clearly to ride the wave of the magic, but I am hearing he is willing to move someone, anyone, in order bolster the RB/WR position* – RMR

Sep. 7 2018 11:16 AM

*Jay Ajayi and Nelson Agholor are reportedly on the trade block.* – RMR

Sep. 7 11:15 AM

*Matt Schaub will be replacing Matt Ryan as the Atlanta Falcons starting QB for the remainder of the season. Sources close to the team are saying it is due to an incurable allergy to the 20 yard line.* – RMR

Aug. 29 2018 3:03 PM

*With Bridgewater going to the Saints, it seems they have found their franchise QB for the post-Brees era. The Saints have weapons and seem poised for success for years to come. I am hearing that Trust The Process will look to bring in Bridgewater as insurance for Brees with retirement seeming likely.* – RMR

Aug. 29 2018 11:31 AM

*Sources: multiple teams are showing interest in Colts running back Nyheim Hines.

With Doug Baldwin’s recent statement that he will not be 100% healthy this year, Nick will be placing him on the trade block* – RMR

Aug. 27 2018 12:40 PM:

*Nick is looking to acquire Delanie Walker from Jordan to strengthen the TE position and his Titans erection* – RMR

Aug. 26 2018 4:08 PM:

*I’m hearing two teams are in the market for a star wide out. Leffler seems willing to part with some of his depth for a big name, while Keegan seems ready to part with a running back* – RMR

Aug. 24 2018 6:18 PM:

*The Return is considering a move away from Aaron Rodgers. Could be lack of confidence after a year of injury, but we all know he is still a BAAAAAAADDDDDDD MANNNNN* – RMR


Rumor Mill Rell is in the building. Thanks for welcoming me into this unique DFFL and allowing me access to your thoughts, feelings, insecurities, and strategies. I report what I hear and have access to nooks and crannies that you could only dream of accessing. All of the rumors, all of the time. If you read it, it was written, and is 100% probably maybe potentially likely and unlikely to be true. That being said….

*With the regular season 13 days away, sources are telling me that there are ongoing discussions to remove Josh as commissioner. Unclear whether this will be resolved prior to week one, but the head of the league in 2019/2020 is bound to be a new face* – RMR





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