Guster’s Guarantees

Guster’s Guarantees coming to you live from South Florida this week. Hopefully we’ll be able to give Josh a taste of his own medicine with the vacation pick magic that he so desperately needed to get him back into this race. Coincidence that Josh pulled his first two wins of the year while he was abroad only to get walloped immediately upon return home? Hmm. Well the honeymoon is over and now its back to reality where Gus is breaking the backs of bookmakers like nobody’s business once again. First losing week of the year (4-6 hardly a scratch to the record) responded to with authority on an 8 win scorcher.

on fire gif

Nothing better than recapping a spot on week that kept the good times rolling all weekend. College 4-1, pros 4-1, now that’s an enjoyable way to spend your Saturday & Sunday whether you had to the chance to catch it all or not, because its still satisfying as hell to check those scores on your phone and see a game like Michigan Iowa.

Josh’s challenges:

Iowa +3 @ Michigan

TB +3 @ NO

DAL -3.5 vs GB

Here’s how it unfolded:

College picks – [4-1]

Cincinnati kicked things off Friday night against UCF in a game that fit the emotional profile for a good home dog very nicely. Coming off an embarrassing loss last year to UCF, the Bearcats would not forget it in their own house this time around. The score may not pop out as a defensive showcase but don’t be mistaken, both teams came up with timely turnovers and big stops. Cincinnati pulls out the W 27-24 in an exciting one that made Friday night fun yet adventurous. Saturday’s early games focused solely on the Michigan v Iowa game that, as I mentioned earlier, was a pleasure to follow via mobile as I had to while drinking at Oktoberfest in Philly (limited access to TVs smh). Just what the doctor ordered for picking Michigan and the under, a defensive chess match where neither team looked capable of jeopardizing the over and Michigan was feeding off its home juice to hold a slim lead for the duration of the bout. The Wolverines refused to yield their lead and secured a 10-3 win that nailed both bets and secured a positive set for the college games heading into Oregon and Stanford in the late slate. Oregon was slow out of the gate, held scoreless in the first half and making a late push that fell just short of the line winning by 10. Stanford stood as the difference maker between a big day and a mere respectable one. Due to the aforementioned Oktoberfest festivities in Philly, I was disposed of for the majority of this contest which left for a hazy, yet uplifting awakening to see Stanford not only covered the 16.5 points they were given but won by 10! Now that’s an exclamation point on a great day! 1-0 Gus

ron swanson drunk

Pro picks – [4-1]

Lot of action in the early window with 4 live picks. Bears and Raiders in London looked like a big loser early on with Oakland grabbing a 17 point lead by the half making a mountain of a comeback for Chicago to climb over to cover 4.5. They’d make a hell of an attempt with a 21 point response in the 3rd quarter but fell short as Josh Jacobs found a way to break through the defensive juggernaut and steal a W overseas. Finally dAnNy dImEs came crashing down to earth after admittedly impressive 2 game start to his career and allowed the Vikings to take care of business. I would have been in a real bad place if that little accounting nerd lookin mfer found a way to keep it rolling, thank heavens. Teddy Bridgewater proved to be the savvy insurance the Saints hoped for and needed with a huge day throwing 4 touchdowns and over 300 yards on the day to beat the Bucs. Cardinals kept the struggling Bengals grounded and survived a late scare on the back of a game winning two-minute drive orchestrated by Kyler Murray to hold on to the win. In a statement performance after Josh’s fate for the week was already sealed, the Packers ran all over the Cowboys and left Dallas fans feeling lost and confused after what appeared to be Dak Prescott’s coming out party to start the year. 10 point win for GB caps off a stellar week and a convincing 3-0 win for Gus over Josh. 3-2 Gus overall lead.

Overall Week – [8-2]

Season Record – [30-10]

Total Record – [72-43]



Week 7 NCAAF Picks

Texas +10.5 vs Oklahoma

Iowa +3.5 vs Penn State

South Carolina +24.5 @ Georgia

LSU -13.5 vs Florida

USC +10.5 @ Notre Dame


Week 6 NFL Picks

CLE +2 vs SEA

JAC -1.5 vs NO

ATL -2 @ ARI

TEN +2 @ DEN

GB -3.5 vs DET



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