One Year Later – Grading the 2019 League Draft

Greetings friends! Long time no see! With the draft being less than a week away,  it is time for my (now annual) grading of last years draft.

Before we get into the meat of the draft, I have two awards to hand out for the 2019 draft:

Biggest Loser


Gus didn’t win this award because of his performance in the draft itself (which was poor to say the least), but because of his performance in beer die. Dear old Guster launched a die high in the sky, only to self plunk. Unfortunately, I was his teammate and this forced both of us to run a naked lap and jump in the pool. We all know what happened next, two flying italian meatballs came right at that challah bread head if you know what I mean.

Best Dressed


This one was obvious.


Draft Pick Grades:

None of us picked Daniel Jones, yikes.

1.1) Ryan – Josh Jacobs   

Easy pick, but he didn’t pull a Keegan and trade it.

Grade: A

1.2) Don Eaves – N’Keal Harry 

Widely considered the best WR option going into fantasy rookie drafts last year, he has been a bust so far. Harry only playing for 7 weeks, one of which he managed to score double digits.

Grade: C-

1.3) Leffler– David Montgomery

Montgomery had an okay year, ending as RB24. That is decent for a rookie, but he tended to be a high workload low efficiency option, which doesn’t make me very confident in his future. Also taking him above Miles Sanders makes this pick look worse retrospectively (which is the whole point of this blog)

Grade: B-

1.4) Don Eaves – Miles Sanders

What was expected to be a committee backfield slowly turned into the Miles Sanders show, as the year went on, Sanders got better and better. Solid pick.

Grade: A

1.5) Jordan – Parris Campbell

Full disclosure, Campbell is the guy I wanted last year. That being said, this pick looks horrible. Campbell was hurt for half of the year and didn’t produce well during the other half. Obviously he wasn’t helped by Luck retiring last year, but that is no excuse

Grade: D+

1.6) Don Eaves – D.K. Metcalf

One of the best picks of the draft. Don having 3 top 6 picks should not happen again.

Grade: A

1.7) Zeglen– AJ Brown

Sacko made a great decision here. A lot of us were scared by the landing spot, but Tannehill took over for Mariota and the rest was history.

Grade: A+

1.8) GT– Darrell Henderson

What dummy takes a backup RB in the first round because the starter was holding out? The kind of dummy who wastes time writing this blog.

Grade: D-

1.9) Jason– Kyler Murray

Jason and taking QBs in the first round, name a better duo.

This was a little bit of a surprise because he took Lamar the previous year and has an aging core, but he won the title again and Murray looks promising, so who am I to talk.

Grade: B+

1.10) Donald – Deebo Samuel

Deebo started off slow, but exploded in the 49ers offense as a do-it-all weapon. He Is hurt right now, but looks very promising.

Grade: A-

2.1) Leffler – J.J. Arcega Whiteside

JJAW disappointed last year. The Eagles receiving core was decimated and he didn’t step up. Plus, his name is pronounced weird and has a C that sounds like a TH like in Barcelona. 

Grade: D+

2.2) Keegan – Tony Pollard

A very similar pick to me taking Henderson, looked okay when he had opportunites, but is stuck behind Zeke.

Grade: D

2.3) Ryan – Mecole Hardman

A speed demon who is boom-or-bust. Currently stuck behind a lot of other options in a dynamic offense.

Grade: C

2.4) Don Eaves  –TJ Hockenson

Hockenson was the best TE proscpect in the draft, but just played okay this year. TEs normally take a few years to develop anyway.

Grade: B+

2.5) Donald – Damien Harris

Harris was a 4th string RB for the Pats last year and only got 4 carries all year. While he will probably get more than that this year, it doesn’t give me confidence in him.

Grade: F

2.6) Josh – James Washington

Was a meh pick at the time, but I think Juju could be on his way out of Pittsburgh after this year so it bumps the grade up.

Grade: B

2.7) Zeglen – Riley Ridley

Sacko gonna Sacko. There were much better receivers available at this point. Ridley proved to not be of much value last year by only scoring 12.9 fantasy points all year.

Grade: F

2.8) GT – Devin Singletary

Solid pick in getting a starting RB late in the second round.

Grade: A

2.9) Jason – Alexander Mattison

Mattison looked good when he played last year, at this point in the draft the RB choices are slim.

Grade: B+

2.10) Don – Dwayne Haskins

Haskins didn’t make it through the season on Don’s roster and has been a free agent ever since.

Grade: F

3.1) GT – Marquise Brown

Hollywood had nagging injuries throughout the year but still put up some big games. To get the first overall WR taken in the NFL draft In the third round is a steal.

Grade: A

3.2) Keegan – Noah Fant

Another player who should not have dropped this far, honestly might have been the best pick in the draft. Fant ended as TE 16 which is very good for a rookie. It looks like he can continue to grow and develop chemistry with Drew Lock.

Grade: A+



This draft class was very weak, so at this point, the rest of this picks were dart throws. I will not go through and grade every one, but give props to the picks that stood out to me.



3.7) Zeglen – Diontae Johnson

Good Job!

4.8) GT – Darius Slayton

Go me!

5.1) Leffler – Drew Lock

Nice Pick!

5.10) Donald – Terrell Owens

What a steal! Got a hall of famer with the last pick!


Good luck at this year’s draft. I will see you all at the starting line of the 40 yard dash.

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