Guster’s Guarantees

The pressure is on. Frustration is starting to set in and I won’t sugar coat it. We are not quite at the *this is fine dog in fire* gif stage, but if I can’t get off the schneid soon then it may be making an unwelcomed early appearance. Josh has performed well over this 4 week stretch and I have failed to find the soft spot in the zone. All I can do is take a long look in the mirror, keep breaking down the film and make the necessary adjustments. Let’s stop the bleeding and get this thing back to all square. One week at a time boys.

4-3 Josh

Pick Tracker:

Week 8 Challenges:

  1. PIT +4 @ BAL
  2. LAC -3.5 @ DEN
  3. OVER 54 SF @ SEA

Brief breakdown of my approach on these:

Baltimore coming off the bye, looking for them to be fresh and ready for the big divisional matchup at home. Pittsburgh playing well but I think they may be a little overrated based on the level of competition they’ve seen. Expecting a close one with Baltimore grabbing the deciding touchdown late.

Denver coming off of a sloppy loss against the Chiefs last week, expecting them to bounce back and give the Chargers a good fight. More than a field goal at home against a rookie QB feels like a good spot to challenge.

Seattle has been dumping points all year, however I feel they may be due for a modest day offensively against a better SF defense who badly needs to win this game to keep up in the best division in football.

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