Reich’s Road to Riches: Week 8

I am back! After my 3 week hiatus in hell, I have made a triumphant return. Pats are finally about to tank, my fantasy team is finally not awful, and, more importantly, I went on a 4-0 run on Gus to take the lead in our little challenge. This week will be my opportunity to maintain my momentum and take the two point lead. It will also be an intriguing week because I just gave Gus a starting RB the week I play him. Stupid move? Maybe. Will I regret it? Based on my trade history, yes. But this year has taught me to strike when the opportunity hits, and a 2nd round pick was too enticing to pass on. I have used this same mentality on my picks the last 4 weeks. Vegas think Seattle will finally hold a team to under 30 points. Not likely. Vegas think the Giants can score 7 points? Not happening. Tua to keep it close against the red hot rams? Doubtful. I also clearly have more faith in Herbert and the Steelers than those dopes in the desert. Maybe next week they will figure it out and my strategy will need to be adjusted, but until then we maintain this course.

Week 8 picks:
LAR -3.5 @ MIA
PIT +4 @ BAL
LAC -3.5 @ DEN
TB -10.5 @ NYG
SF @ SEA – OVER 54

Cait’s Can’t Miss Parlay (0-4):
LAC -3.5 @ DEN
LAR @ MIA +3.5
SF @ SEA -3.0

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