Frank’s Power Rankings

Kanye is my president

Fuck Gus, all my homies hate Gus!

Now that that is out of the way, time to dive in.

1.) Don Eaves – He gets Miles Sander and Chubb back and he’s still on pace to break records. This guy is the worst. At least Keegan beat him last week.

2.) Jafar – I have nothing to say until this man has anything of substance to add to the group.

3.) The Keegan – I am going to keep ranking him high and he is going to keep losing every time I do so. For the love of god Keegan just talk to your defense and tell them to figure it the fuck out buddy.

4.) The Mahomies – Zeglen’s top-heavy squad still put up 130 with Derrick Henry being held to just 6 points. If he can continue to get solid production from Mahomes, AJ Brown and the rest of his parts he may be able to pull off some more big scores.

5.)Cum Rivers – Getting Kareem hunt into the lineup will be a big boost. Lockett has begun to play second fiddle to DK but he still has some serious value. I think if he starts losing his bets again he may win more games

6.) Thanks for the Maybacks – Aaron Jones is back and should see increasing work load. Thielen is not going to put up many 6 point games moving forward. No need to panic for Donald I don’t think. Good luck carrying George in CDL.

7.) Medical Tents – No Big Ben spells disaster for Josh, his entire roster loses value practically. If he can hold on til Ben gets back he may be able to make a playoff run and throw a Mayback’s sandwich at me.

8.) Chalupas – McCaffrey hurt again, sorry Gus. Back to sucking you go!

T9.) Greg and Frank – Catch us in the Sacko Bowl how bow dah! I don’t have much else to say except its all because the liberals stacked the mail in ballots!

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