Reich’s Road to Riches: Week 13

Well last week’s picks were not even close, clear victory to Gus and now he takes the lead 7-5. I blame the rona, the mythical virus that may or may not exist and yet keeps screwing me in the football world. Not sure what kind of weird orgy the ravens had or why the refs don’t call a delay of game on Hayward right before half but oh well, I am ready to get back in and make this a competition. I have gone against the grain this week. Gus is flustered. He does not know what to do with some of these breaks from my traditional picks. Let’s hope he screws the pooch.

Week 13 picks:

IND -3.5 @ HOU
NE @ LAC: UNDER 46.5
WAS @ PIT -7.0
BUF +1.0 @ SF

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