Reich’s Road to Riches: Week 17

With all due respect to Keegan, fuck that guy. This was my year. This was my miracle playoff run that he stole. Never has any team ever had an easier path to the Naomi. Jason never choked that hard any of the times I faced him in the finals. Bullshit.

But I digress, this is the final showdown. All the marbles. The last 16 weeks of these challenges did not matter.* For that reason I will not dwell on the Dolphins/Raiders shit show that nearly gave Gus the victory. Fuck the Dolphins.

Week 17 picks:

TEN @ HOU: OVER 56.0
BAL -12.5 @ CIN
DAL -1.5 @ NYG
SEA @ SF: OVER 46.0

*If I lose this week, the 8 weeks in which I lost points to Gus mattered greatly and were all bullshit. I am preserving my legal challenges and plan to sue everyone and anyone involved with these losses, including but not limited to the NFL, Philip Rivers, the Miami Dolphins organization, and MVS.

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