Draft Pick Charts -2022

JoshMcCann 1st (Conditional, could go to Ryan)Ryan 1st (Conditional, could go to Ryan) Jason 2nd (Conditional, could be Ryan’s if Jason finishes worse than Josh) Ryan 3rd (Conditional, could go back to Ryan) Reich 4thReich 5th
Jordan   Jordan 2nd    Jordan 4thJordan 5th
GTGT 1stJordan 1st GT  2nd GT  3rd  GT  4thGT  5th
RyanReich 1st (Conditional, could go to Josh)  Ryan 2ndReich 2nd (Conditional, could be going back to Josh)   Ryan 4thRyan 5th
Don EavesEaves 1st  Eaves 2nd Eaves 3rd  Eaves 4thEaves 5th
Don McCann   McCann 2nd    McCann 4thMcCann 5th
MinderlerMinderler 1st    Minderler 3rd ((Conditional, could go to Jason)  Minderler 4thMinderler 5th
LefflerLeffler 1st  Leffler 2nd Leffler 3rd  Leffler 4thLeffler 5th
KeeganKeegan 1st  Keegan 2nd Keegan 3rdJordan 3rdReich 3rdKeegan 4thKeegan 5th
JasonJason 1st  Minderler 2nd Jason 3rd (Conditional, could go to Minderler)McCann 3rd Jason 4thJason 5th

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