Blockhead Bets: week 2

Alright boys and girls, the challenge is up and running and Week One is in the books. Things went as everyone may have expected. Your boy blockhead cashed in his first bet of the competition and Josh, the parlay master himself, did not. Here’s a look at Week One bets:


  • ARI -8 @ JAX
  • Josh:

    • ARI, ML @ JAX
    • BAL, ML @ DET
    • CHI @ CLE, ML
    • NYJ @ DEN, ML
    • MIA @ LVR -2.5
    • CIN @ PIT -3

    Now, Josh will claim that he was so close to hitting pay dirt. But as the great Confucius once said “Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.” Or was he the one who said “He who go to bed itchy butt, wake up stinky finger?” Anyway, close isn’t going to fill those pockets with green and Josh will have to look to be better next week.

    Onto Week Two. Do we think Josh learned his lesson and went more conservative after starting out in the hole?? Nope! He increased his bet from a 6-leg parlay to a 13-leg parlay. I’ll be submitting a 2-leg parlay this week to beat the man in his own game.


    • TEN -8 @ NYJ
    • DET +3 @ CHI

    Bet $10, +243. Profit is $24.26 if it hits.


    • Arkansas @ Georgia, ML
    • Oklahoma, ML @ Kansas State
    • HOU @ BUF -4.5
    • Boston College @ Clemson, ML
    • Duke @ North Carolina, ML
    • Toledo, ML @ Massachusetts
    • Ole Miss @ Alabama, ML
    • Bowling Green @ Kent State, ML
    • UCF, ML @ Navy
    • South Florida @ SMU, ML
    • NYG @ NO -1
    • TEN -2.5 @ NYJ
    • TB -2.5 @ NE

    Bet $10, +708. Profit is $70.88 if it hits.

    Current Standings:

    Ryan: +$9.09

    Josh: -$10

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