Week 3, But week 1 of the bet

Well well well. As everyone knows, the past two years Gus and I competed in order to determine once and for all who the best gambler was. To nobody’s surprise, yours truly came out on top and Gus was punished appropriately. Sadly, Gus was no longer willing to challenge me. Enter Ryan.

This year, Ryan and I will gamble 10 dollars each week. The only limitations are that the bets must be on either College Football or the NFL. Otherwise, there are no limits. The 10 dollars can be broken up on as many bets as the better wishes. They can be parlays, ML, or ATS. At the end of the season, the winner has the best balance. The loser buys the winner a cigar, and the gentleman shall smoke said cigars at the next draft. In a perfect world, I will not be bleeding after being waxed while having said cigar.

My strategy is simple: prove to everyone the power of the parlay. This week, I shall bet all $10 on a single parlay. 6 teams. The strategy is simple. Build up the bank, get a lead, then bet $6-8 on a parlay with a moderate payout, and then the remainder on an upset I like or a wild parlay with an extreme payout to clinch the victory. Yes, this is my actual strategy, no I am not afraid for Ryan to know it. Feel free to ride along with any bets. Except Frank, Frank knows why.

MIA @ LVR -2.5
CIN @ PIT -3.0

Bet $10, +677. Profit is $67.71 if it hits.

Ryan’s bet.

ARI -8.0 @ JAX

Bet $10, -110. Profit is $9.09 if it hits.

According to Ryan, his strategy is to let me ”parlay [myself] to death.” Joke is on him, I hit zero parlays all last season so I am due for a hot streak.

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