Frank’s Power Rankings Week 3 2021

Oh Look, I am the winner…

Who would’ve thunk, Frank’s Firesale turned Frank’s Process would be the final unbeaten squad in the WTFFL in 2021. After taking down the powerhouse that is Blockhead Boys and then Josh… Frank’s Firesale has made a bid for a Top 4 spot on this week’s power rankings.

Other Notbale games

The Blockhead Boys pulled to an even record with a gutsy win against the Chalupa Batmans to send them to 0-2 (the only 0-2 team in the league). Is it time to hit the panic button in the Chalupa camp? Only time will tell. I do foresee a bit of a streak coming for the Blockheads.

A massive surprise coming out of Is this my year? and their fearless leader Don. A 170+ point week puts them squarely in the conversation for biggest surprise of the season. Is this a flash in the pan or will it lead to sustained success deeper into the season?

Steve hasn’t Won Yet has actually indeed won with a 155 – 107 trouncing of Josh Allen Definitely is NOT Vaccinated. One of the biggest stories of the week is what will then 3rd name change for the ghost of Zeglen’s past be? Will there be one? Stay tuned people.

A look intto the future

Predictions for Week 3*:

  • Kittles and Blitz def. Steve Hasn’t Won Yet 165 – 123
  • Chalupa Batmans def. Jafarison Jafar 141 – 139
  • Blockhead Boys def. Sutton To Believe In 162 – 97
  • Josh Allen IS Vaccinated def. Is this my year? 126 – 120
  • Albany Fantasy Football Team def. Frank’s Process 135 – 128

* Week 1 had four upsets so my picks are almost worthless

Power Rankings

  1. Kittles and Blitz (1-1)
  2. Blockhead Boys (1-1)
  3. Frank’s Process (2-0)
  4. Steve Hasn’t Won Yet (1-1)
  5. Jafarison Jafar (1-1)
  6. Is this my year? (1-1)
  7. Josh Allen IS Vaccinated (1-1)
  8. Albany Fantasy Football Team (1-)
  9. Chalupa Batmans (0-2)
  10. Sutton To Believe In (1-1)

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