Well folks, it only took 6 weeks into The Bet and Josh is already recruiting outside help to try and make some money. SAD! You hate to see a mans down so bad, but here we are. Hopefully Nick is able to spark Josh’s bets into winning so we have a real competition here…

Speaking of sparking. I like a nice medium-full, robusto, cigar.. incase anyone was wondering.

Anyway back to The Bet. Our current standings after another winning week for myself are:
Josh: -$50
Ryan: +$25.70

I have built up a nice lead heading into week 6, but as Josh says, all it takes is for one of these parlays to hit to make it interesting. As I alluded to before, Josh has pulled Nick in this week to build one of the four parlays he is entering. It is incredibly obvious which bet is Nick’s, but I will let you figure that out for yourself. Buckle in, here are Josh’s bets for the week:

Josh Parlay #1: 7-leg

LAR -6.5 @ HOU
MIA @ BUF -6.5
CIN -7 @ NYJ
Missouri ML @ Vanderbilt
Georgia ML @ Florida
Texas Tech @ Oklahoma ML

$5 bet to profit $25

Josh Parlay #2: 4-leg (Definitely not Nick’s)

MIA @ BUF o49.5
WAS +3 @ DEN
Aaron Jones any time TD

$1 bet to profit $12.97

Josh Parlay #3: 4-leg

LAR -13.5 @ HOU
CIN -10.5 @ NYJ

$3 bet to profit $34.42

Josh Parlay #4: 8-leg

TB -5.5 @ NO
DAL -2.5 @ MIN
CIN -6.5 @ NYJ
MIA @ BUF -6.5
CAR @ ATL -3
SF -4 @ CHI
GB @ ARI -6
LAR -6.5 @ HOU

$1 bet to profit $80.48

If you’re still here after reading all of that garbage, we’ll get onto my bet. This week I am taking the 0-7 Detroit Lions to finally get a W in the win column against the Eagles. What makes this bet even better is that Josh just bet on the Lions to have a defeated season, 0-17. This week I plan on winning my bet, while Josh busts not only on all four parlays, but his Lions 0-17 bet as well.

Ryan’s bet:


$10 bet to profit $15.50

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