Mid Season check-in The Buffalo bills and (until after mnf) the super fans

Well, here we are. Week 8 has concluded, minus Monday Night Football featuring the *checks notes* 3-4 Chiefs…? vs the 2-5 New York Football Giants. But, as far as my fantasy team and real life fandom goes, I can basically make this post without that game…. so, without further or do, lets start with the real life Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills – Week 8 check in

So, I don’t think that there is much surprise here. The Buffalo Bills are following an extremely similar trajectory from last season, 5-2 after 8 weeks with those two losses coming from Pittsburgh, and, stop me if you have heard this before, the god damn Tennessee Titans….

Conan Obrien Ugh GIF by Team Coco

So yeah there’s some stuff to be upset about, mainly (in my opinion) the horrendous play calls on offense that many Bills fans are confused by, including me. Why in gods green earth did Brian Dabol have his 258 million dollar QB throw about 10 pass attempts for 60 yards in the first half yesterday makes absolutely no sense (he finished with 249 yards). To adapt a quote from a popular movie, stop trying to make the run happen, its never going to happen. Other than that, the defense has been what we all thought they were. Little weak on the run side so far, stingy on big plays (which is the goal with that defense), and some takeaways that give Allen and the offense good field position. Also, Tyler Bass is a bad man with ice in his veins. You try kicking a 57 yard field goal at Highmark Stadium… not the easiest thing ever. The stadium sits below ground so the wind swirls and traditionally gives kickers some issues.

Side bar, Beasley had some big plays and, shockingly, people like him again…

So that’s really my roundup for them so far. Their offense is ranked number 4 in Team Offense by Pro Football Reference and 1st in scoring offense. Defense is number 1 in Team Defense and 1 in scoring defense. The Bills sit at 5-2, 1st in the AFC East and the current number 4 seed in the AFC for the playoffs. Is that good? I guess, but they are very lucky they played Miami yesterday…. All and all it could be better but id be an idiot to complain too much. Bills are well on their way to a playoff spot and that’s where the real season begins anyway.



YEAH YEAH YEAH, I lost another Titans bet to Leffler… Let it be know that as soon as MNF has concluded I will be changing my name.

My fantasy squad has had an okay year so far… I say okay because I had two very concerning two weeks prior to this one. My team showed it has almost no depth and that could be a major issue down the road. But that’s a future me problem so… yeah lets dig into it.

According to Fantasy Pros, my squad has averaged 133.4 ppg this season with an 87% chance to make it to the post season and a 16% chance to win the Naomi for the second consecutive year. I am currently 4-3 and FP has me as the 4th best team for the rest of the season, which seems about right. My biggest issues seem to be a solid RB2, and depth. The good news is my worst bye week is behind me, and all my best players should be gearing up to make a run towards the real NFL playoffs, giving me a solid basis of scoring for the rest of the year (barring injury). Allen has continued his trajectory from last year and the Bills offense and Cowboys offense are basically my entire team. Kamara is Kamara and Mitchell has been a great find in the draft, of which I was heavily targeting RBs and really only ended up with one. But that’s the price you pay for a championship.

I expect much of the same going forward as long as my guys stay healthy I should have a solid week to week floor of 125 points give or take. The ceiling varies wildly with matchups but that floor is a good indicator of the strength of my team. Overall, I cannot complain. My division has some very heavy hitters, but I am currently in 1st for the division and 2nd overall in the league (this is before MNF this week so this weeks games have not been calculated in for the standings.) Barring an offensive explosion of both the run game and pass game for the Giants, I should be okay… but again Jordan thought he was too after scoring 160 on me (sorry bud). Anything can happen any given week, so I am by no means counting chickens yet against GT. That being said I am currently leading 154.27 to 81.2 with GT having Tyreek Hill, Shepard and Booker still to play.

As always, love the league, love the boys, love the Bills.

And how about them Sabres??

Thanks for reading.

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