mid season check-in on the patriots and the suttons

Alright, I am going to make this quick because my job decided to let me have an entire summer to do nothing but play video games but as soon as football season gets going I have to do work. BS. And yes, I reused the image. It fits.

The Patriots: 4-4 (Cue the “Josh is a Patriots fan? What about the Bucs.” Fuck you guys. I like them both.) Oh the Patriots. After the draft, I was pretty stoked. I wanted a new QB, I preferred Fields, but loved the value of Mac Jones at 15. Naturally, I proceeded to then do the exact thing I ridiculed Bills fans for my entire life – I got sucked in and began to dream of a return to playoffs, a return to the division title, perhaps even a return to the Super Bowl, all on the back of our rookie QB.

After 8 weeks I think it is fair to say that Mac Jones is easily having the best season of any QB in this rookie draft class. He has been accurate, made good decisions most of the time, and (other than against the Saints) has not been the reason the Patriots lost games. We lost on a last second field goal to the defending Super Bowl champion Buccaneers, lost in OT to the Cowboys, and lost on a last minute fumble against the lowly Dolphins when we needed a chip shot field goal to win. If one of those games goes differently we are a half game behind the Bills at the top of the East with at least one statement win against the Chargers.

For the rest of the season, I expect the offense to grow. I expect the defense to maintain. And I expect the Patriots to be in contention for a playoff berth. No more, no less.

Suttons: Also 4-4. But boy oh boy, does this record lie. In a word: yikes. First, I will air my grievances about injuries. Etienne, out for the year. Thomas, still out. AB is out. Jeff Wilson (my sleeper for my 2021 Naomi run) is still out. Juju out. Not a healthy squad.

Second, the disappointments. Juju (when healthy), Sutton (I blame Teddy), Tannehill. I was depending on these three to step up. They failed me.

Needless to say, 2021 is over for the Suttons and the only goal is to not get waxed.

2022 looks brighter. Robinson and Ekeler are holding down the fort and may be a top 3 RB duo in the league this year as long as Robinson does not miss time with his foot bruise and Michael Carter is coming on strong. Next year there is little reason to see my RB room decline. Ekeler is young and has no competition. Robinson and Etienne should be relevant and I expect a meteoric rise out of Javonte. Hopefully the WRs do not die next year and I land two studs with my two first rounders.

Praise be to Naomi.

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