I thought last week was the bottom of the barrel for Josh. But here we are. It is Josh’s week to write a blog and he’s passing on his obligation. The guy returns to working in the office 3x/week and all of a sudden he’s too busy. You would think all the time Josh saves on his commute by scooting to work he’d have time to write a quick 5 minute blog. Guess not. No worries, your boy Blockhead is here to pick up his slack.

Last week was a tough week for the both of us, each logging an L. The totals of the competition as of now are:

Ryan: +$15.70
Josh: -$60.00

I’m not going to take the time to review all of the bets last week. Just know that Josh missed on 4 parlays, 3 of his own and 1 submitted from Nick (sad). I also could not have been further from hitting on the Lions ML pick. This week we both look to right the ship.

Josh Parlay #1:

NE -3.5 @ CAR
MIN @ BAL -6
BUF -9.5 @ JAX
LAC -2 @ PHI
TEN @ LAR -6.5

$5 bet to profit $108.70

Josh Parlay #2:

NE -3.5 @ CAR
BUF -9.5 @ JAX
LAC -2 @ PHI
DEN @ DAL -2.5
TEN @ LAR -2.5

$5 bet to profit $53.34

Ryan’s Bet:

NYJ @ IND u45.5

$10 bet to profit $9.09

PS if you see this maniac scooting around the streets of NYC stay clear!

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