A Message From Your Champion

Where to begin with this post. 2020 Has been one absolute shit storm of a year, and I am ecstatic that it is coming to an end. It has been an honor to compete in this league with all you gentlemen during this odd year, and I think we handled it great. Only one guy […]

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Upset of the Week 10/17-10/20

Greetings again to our future award winning readers of the Wasted Talent Dynasty League! Welcome to another edition of Upset of the Week. Last week was a wild ride in the fantasy universe. To start, we will do a quick recap of last weeks upset picks. Yours truly nailed the Cum Rivers as they beat […]

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Upset of The Week 10/10-10/13

Valued readers of the Wasted Talent Dynasty League, snowflakes, and people easily upset by ridiculous things, Welcome to the inaugural post of my new column; Dave’s Upset of the Week! As the title would imply, this column will be used mostly to, as Will Ferrel once said, “Get the people going”. For too long have […]

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Go Bills?

Where to start with this one. “Trust The Process” (or rather “Respect The Process” thanks to Joel Embid) sounds more like an ad for hotdogs instead of a war cry. The Bills rock solid pick for QB after a long and gruelling three way competition for the job lasted exactly two quarters as Nate Peterman […]

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