A Silver Lining for The Buffalo Bills.

An AFC Wild Card game is now the largest stage the Buffalo Bills have played on in my memorable lifetime. Before that, it was the game on Sunday Night Football that was flexed by the NFL to be in prime time. Before that? It was the Thanksgiving Day game- when Josh Allen officially arrived as an improving dynamic second year Quarter Back, and the best Quarter Back for The Bills in 20 seasons.

This season has been one of firsts for me as a Bills fan. I got to walk around with some actual playoff aspirations, and have a QB that could win. The Bills won not one, but two, Prime Time games on the road, and they solidified their playoff position weeks in advance. They competed with the Patriots, and won 10 games. I can state this is the most talented Buffalo team I’ve ever actually witnessed.

That being said? Wow. Was that one ugly football game.

McDermott did an okay job. For it being his second Playoff game, he didn’t do horrible. Bill O’Brian is what Sean McDermott needs to aspire not to be.

Josh Allen is confirmed good, but stupid. Allen did good in the first half (Even Booger caught onto that). A big run and a TD reception. He’s a playmaker for sure. But he’s wild with the football and unpredictable with decision making while running. (He should have thrown a pick-six as well) He needs to clean that stuff up in his third year. He’s still a kid, and a kid who has played just as many playoff games for the Bills as 20 years worth of Bills QBs— and oh, Did I mention it was also his first ever playoff game?

Yeah I’m fine with his progression this season.

Devin Singletary is confirmed very good. He ran like a wild man at times. Had a bit of a fumble slump this season, but he has seemed to figure it out. With Future Hall of Famer Frak Gore mentoring him, kid will be a beast. He’s allusive. If I had to crucify him for one thing it would be his pass blocking. But he’s a little guy so..

Oh did I also mention it was his rookie season, and first playoff game.

If Duke Williams had been healthy, Bills win 12 games. Maybe more… He was everything the offense was truly missing. A big wide receiver that can go up and get it. And I don’t think anyone could dispute that he proved he is worth the money the Bills pay him— which is pretty cheap because he is also a rookie.

Does that mean the offense is good? Of course not. at the end of the day, if the Bills scored more touchdowns on those drives to the red zone instead of field goals, we win that game easily (thanks Booger!). Our defense, shaky down the stretch as it was, held them to 22 points at home. We could have had 21 in the first half if we could gain red zone yards. And I still have major play calling issues with Dabol. Ex: Why would you design run Allen to the outside to start overtime (which by the way, he got absolutely smoked on the tackle).

About that Defense… Deandre Hopkins played a playoff game at home. They got him more involved in the second half, and realistically that was the difference. They held the Texans to 22 points at home in the playoffs. They’re fine. Did they play bad at times? Of course. But we didn’t lose because of the defense.

It was a heartbreaker. Truly. It was tough for us Bills fans. But I hope the idiotic ones are quiet. Because we have a hell of a future if we keep this progression.


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