Draft Order

The below chart reflects the current 2020 draft order. We are awaiting the results from the GT/Gus bet for 5 and 6. Please let me know if anyone notices something wrong. Sorry the formatting blows. an excel can be provided upon request.

Round 11- Ryan2- GT (From Donald)3- Sacko (Zeglen)4- Leffler (From Keegan)5- GT6-Jordan 7- Leffler8- Ryan (from Don Eaves)9- Josh10- Jason
Round 211- Sacko (Zeglen)12- Don Eaves (from Ryan)13- Ryan (from Keegan)14 – Donald15- GT16- Keegan (from Jordan)17- Leffler18- Don Eaves19- Don Eaves (from Josh)20- Jason
Round 321 – Leffler (from Sacko (Zeglen))22- Ryan23- Jordan (from Keegan)24- Donald25- GT26- Jordan27- Keegan (from Leffler)28- Josh (From Don Eaves for Tucker)29- Keegan (from Josh) 30- Jason
Round 431- Sacko (Zeglen)32- Ryan33- Keegan34- Donald35- GT36- Jordan37- Leffler38- Don Eaves39- Josh40- Jason
Round 541- Sacko (Zeglen)42- Ryan43- Keegan44- Donald45- GT46- Jordan47- Leffler48- Don Eaves49 – Josh50- Jason

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