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Before you get to the down and dirty, I will take this as an opportunity to explain a few things about this. This Constitution reflects the practices and traditions of the league over the past seven years and memorializes the rules we have been following in a single document. Before anyone gets confused, I would like it noted that we are strictly textualists and originalists here. This shit ain’t “breathing” or “living,” amendments are the only way this Constitution is modified. This is NOT an opportunity to change any rules or the format of the league. The only “new” thing in here is the process for replacing an owner and doing a league expansion. Other than that, nothing is “up for debate.” Without further ado, please enjoy. Word versions are available upon request.

League Constitution

The Wasted Talent Dynasty Fantasy Football League

I. League Preamble:

The rules and bylaws of this fantasy football keeper league are thusly dubbed The Bylaws of The Wasted Talent Dynasty League. As such, we find the judgments and decisions therein just and readily fair, thus worthy of full acceptance. Their quality is of continual negotiation and amendment if it is deemed necessary by the league commissioner, league consensus, or by a vote of the owners of The WTDFFL. Further case-by-case regulations will be firmly rooted in these bylaws as they arise. The intent of these bylaws is for fair play and maximal enjoyment of the sport. It has been crafted and published in the utmost sobriety, detail, and attention in good faith by the league commissioner, and accepted in full detail by the owners of The WTDFFL. May the good graces of this league be with all the teams and their owners and families for future success.

II. League Members and Dues:

  1. Members
CommissionerJosh Reich  
Vice Commissioner, GroupMe Admin, Ruler of Team Defense ScoringGT Salamone  
MemberRyan Reed  
MemberNick Leffler  
MemberNick Zeglen  
MemberDon McCann  
MemberDon Eaves  
MemberDavid Keegan  
MemberJason Feuer  
MemberJordan Marchfeld  
  • Fees– Every member of The Wasted Talent Dynasty Fantasy Football League pledges to pay $50 to the Commissioner or Vice Commissioner to be held until after the League Naomi Winner is determined. At that time the money will be divvied out to the winners of the League. This fee is to be paid upon completion of the Naomi Bowl. If the owner fails to pay the fee within a reasonable period of time, as determined by the Commissioner, the league will hold a vote to determine on whether to vote out the owner who failed to pay. If the owner is not voted out, failure to pay by the draft will result in a share in the Sacko punishment.  If the Sacko punishment is of a type not easily shared, the owner who failed to pay will be punished in the following fashion: each owner who paid his fee will have the right to hit the owner with food, in a non-violent, but still demeaning, fashion. If, within two weeks of the opening game of the NFL regular season, the owner has still failed to pay, he will be replaced absent extenuating circumstances.
  • Fee Changes– If seven of the 10 players vote to adjust the league dues, the league fee may be adjusted. If the vote is passed prior to the start of the regular season, the adjustment goes into effect for that year. If not, the adjustment will go into effect the following year.
  • Payouts– The payouts for the league are as followed. First Place=$300, Second Place=$150, Third Place=$50.  The payout structure (60% to First Place, 30% to Second Place, and 10% to Third Place) may only be changed by a unanimous vote.

III. League Settings:

  1. Scoring Type and Scheduling- The scoring will be done in a head to head format. Tie Breaker is most QB points (followed by TE, Defense, and Flex). Any scoring changes must be accepted with unanimous league approval to help keep the integrity of the league. There will be two divisions; each team plays everyone in their division twice and each team from the opposing division once.
  2. Roster Positions- The league will have the following roster positions, which are only to be changed upon a supermajority vote of at least 8 owners. The changing of the roster foundation could ruin the integrity of the league and the strategies assembled by its members. The teams will consist of twenty-five active roster spots (9 Starters, 16 Bench) and four injured reserve spots. Starting positions are as followed: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLEX (WR,RB,TE), TEAM DEF, K. Each roster shall have no more than four QBs, 13 RBs, 14 WRs, four TEs, three Ks, and three TEAM DEFs.
  3. Scoring System-


Every 25 Yards Passing (PY25)1
TD Pass (PTD)6
Interceptions Thrown (INT)-2
2pt Passing Conversion (2PC)2


Every 10 Yards Rushing (REY10)1
TD Rush (RTD)6
2pt Rushing Conversion (2PRE)2


Every 10 Receiving Yards (REY10)1
TD Reception (RETD)6
2pt Receiving Conversion (2PRE)2


Kickoff Return TD (KRTD)6
Punt Return TD (PRTD)6
Fumble Recovered for TD (FTD)6
Total Fumbles Lost (FUML)-2
Interception Return TD (INTTD)6
Fumble Return TD (FRTD)6
Blocked Punt or FG Return for TD (BLKKRTD)6


Each PAT Made (PAT)1
FG Made (0-39) (FG0)3
FG Made (40-49) (FG40)4
FG Made (50+ yards) (FG50)5
Total FG Missed (FGM)-1
Each PAT Missed (PATM)-1

Team Defense/Special Teams:

Each Sack (SK)1
Interception Return TD (INTTD)6
Fumble Return TD (FRTD)6
Kickoff Return TD (KRTD)6
Punt Return TD (PRTD)6
Blocked Punt or FG Return for TD (BLKKRTD)6
Blocked Punt, PAT, or FG (BLKK)2
Each Interception2
Each Fumble Recovered (FR)2
Each Safety (SF)2
Each Fumble Forced1
Base Points16
Points Allowed (PA)-.25
Yards Allowed (YA)-.02

IV. Dynasty Keeper Rules:

  1. Keepers: All players drafted from the original draft in 2013 will be kept from one season to the next until they are dropped, retire, or traded. The only way to change a roster is through trades, waiver moves, free agency, and the rookie draft.
  2. Rookie Draft/Roster Construction: Following the first season, there will be a 5 round rookie and free agent draft. Rosters will be expanded following the rookie draft to accommodate the rookies drafted, and any accumulated draft picks. Those picks will be listed on the league fantasy page. All rosters must be cut back to 25 players prior to the season (immediately following the end of the draft). Following the first waiver run following rosters being finalized, all players not selected are free agents and can be selected anytime during the next waiver run. Following the cut back to 25 players, owners may put eligible players on their IR. Players may be added to the 25 man roster during the offseason.
  3. Continuation Vote- Six years following the full draft, the league will vote periodically to continue the league. Every two years, the league vote will take place, unless the Commissioner and Vice Commissioner propose a vote to extend the league for a longer period of time. All teams should vote to continue the league without a full redraft, unless, in the eyes of the voting owner, the league has reached a point where the competitive balance of the league is beyond recovery in a four-year period.  Owners should not vote for a redraft merely because their roster is not competitive at that moment.
  4. Redraft- In the event the league votes to redraft, the league will hold a full redraft upon the expiration of the league.  The owners of the league will remain the same unless an owner wishes to leave. The draft will be held according to Section V.

V. Draft:

  1. Draft Format- In the first year (2013) the Wasted Talent Dynasty Fantasy Football League draft was completed in a Snake Format.  Any redraft will occur in the same format, unless there is a unanimous vote to adjust the league format to a different format, such as auction draft with a salary cap.
  2.  In the second year (2014) and following years, the draft order will be held in a traditional NFL style draft. Meaning the Champion of the league would choose with the last pick in the first five rounds of the draft. The first year draft will be 25 rounds. The Following year’s drafts will be only 5 rounds and consist of rookies and free agents.
  3. Draft Order- The order for any redraft will occur randomly. The following year’s order would be determined by the finish of play the previous year. The first four selections of the draft would be determined by lottery results.  There will be a weighted lottery for the teams in the Sacko playoffs that will determine the draft order for the first round of the rookie/free agent draft.  Weighting will be determined by regular season Points For.  The team with the lowest Points For will have the best odds at the first pick at 33%, followed by second fewest with 27%, third fewest at 22%, and the most Points For with 18% chance at the first overall pick.  All picks in the first round for Sacko contenders will be determined in this manner.  The first name/token selected in the lottery will get the first overall pick, the second name/token will have the second overall pick, the third name/token will have the third overall pick, and the fourth name/token will have the fourth overall pick. For rounds two through five the draft order for the Sacko contenders is determined by regular season finish, with the last place finisher in the regular season getting the first pick in rounds two through five.
  4. Draft spots five and six in round one will be determined by coin flip or, if agreed on by the owners in the coin flip, by some other fair contest (e.g. a grapefruit race). For rounds two through five, the team with the worse regular season finish gets the fifth pick.
  5.  Draft spots seven through ten for all five rounds are determined by the final standings from the Naomi playoffs.  The Naomi will draft tenth, runner-up ninth, third place finisher eighth, and fourth place finisher seventh. 
  6. Draft Trading- An owner is allowed to trade current and future draft spots in exchange for other current or future draft spots, and/or players. An owner cannot trade a draft spot more than two years (or two drafts) in advance. An owner can trade any current or future draft pick up to the fifth round, with a greater value placed on the lowest rounds. For further explanation of Draft Trading see Article VI, Section 2 and 3.
  7. Player Draft Ability- In the first year (2013) draft or any redraft, all National Football League players can be drafted. Following the first year, there will be a five round rookie and free agent draft held. All players on rosters at the end of a season will be kept on those rosters unless traded during the off-season.

VI. Trading:

  1. Trade Deadlines- The trade deadline will be the standard trade deadline set by ESPN. Trades may then resume the day after final draft order is determined for all teams. From that date until the date of the WTDFFL rookie/free agent draft owners will be able to make trades. Once the WTDFFL rookie/free agent draft begins, trades can be made during the draft until the season’s trade deadline. There is no trade limit. All trade dates and deadlines will be posted on the league website.
  2. Off-Season Trading- Owners are allowed to engage in off-season trading of any player who finished the season on their roster. All trades that occur in the off-season will be reported to the Commissioner and then published to the rest of the league on the league website.
  3. In-Season Trading– All in-season trading will be done in a traditional format. All trades will be conducted online barring no draft picks being included in the trade. All trades that involve the draft picks will need to be reported to the Commissioner or Vice Commissioner. The trade will be confirmed by both parties and then noted under the League Website and will be applied during the proper round of future drafts. The trade will then be processed under traditional league format but will be noted in both the league message board and league history that draft picks were included in the trade.
  4. Veto Process- There are no league vetoes. It is not the league owner’s job to determine if a trade was fair or not. It is the responsibility of the owner’s involvement in trades to make sure their trade is fair. However, the league Commissioner or Vice Commissioner will determine if anyone is violating any rules of clause 5 of section VI. If those rules are being violated the Commissioner and Vice Commissioner can stop a trade, and further action will be taken. It is not the Commissioner/Vice Commissioner’s job to determine the fairness of a trade. The Commissioner and the Vice Commissioner will make determinations. If the League Commissioner or the Vice Commissioner is involved in the trade, the other shall decide if there was a rule violation.  If the trade is between the League Commissioner and the Vice Commissioner, the league owners can vote on whether there was a violation of clause 5 of section VI. The vote will be by a simple majority.
  5. Collusion/Dumping/Borrowing- Collusion between fantasy owners is strictly prohibited. League owners are encouraged to communicate with the Commissioner and Vice Commissioner if they think any form of collusion, borrowing, or dumping of players is taking place. Player dumping by an owner is also strictly prohibited. The league is as a whole to be honorable and not utilize players who were dropped in a malicious intent by another league owner. In such a case, the League Commissioner or Vice Commissioner reserves the right to exercise his authority to restore rosters and lock players/owners from accessing their team in the Wasted Talent Dynasty Fantasy Football League as advised by the Commissioner. Player borrowing is also strictly prohibited. Any form of borrowing a player for any given period of time with the intent to later trade them back is prohibited. Any owners found in violation of any of these things are subject to be removed from the league. The league, working with the Commissioner and Vice Commissioner, can decide to not remove the owner. If not so removed, a punishment can be applied. Failure to fulfill the punishment will subject the owner to removal. Unless the owners or the Commissioner and Vice Commissioner agree to a deviation, the standard punishment is having the cheating parties run a beer mile each, for completion in 11 minutes or less. Failure to complete the beer mile in the allotted time will result in the food punishment (each owner gets to throw food of his choosing at the owners being punished).
  6. Violation Payments- Owners are only allowed to trade players and/or draft picks. Any other form of payment is strictly illegal. This includes, but is not limited to cash, gifts, or anything else that could be considered of significant value that would make an owner make a trade that they otherwise would not accept if the use of this external payment was not made. Any owners found in violation of any of any such behavior is subject to be removed from the league. The league, working with the Commissioner and Vice Commissioner, can decide to not remove the owner. If not so removed, a punishment can be applied. Failure to fulfill the punishment will subject the owner to removal. Unless the owners or the Commissioner and Vice Commissioner agree to a deviation, the standard punishment is having the cheating parties run a beer mile each, for completion in 11 minutes or less. Failure to complete the beer mile in the allotted time will result in the food punishment (each owner gets to throw food of his choosing at the owners being punished).

VII. Waiver Wire:

  1. Wait Period- There are no limits on the number of acquisitions an owner can make from the waiver wire. Any player that is dropped from a roster into the free agency pool will go through the standard ESPN waiver period. This assures that all interested owners will have a chance to place a waiver claim on the player before the player is claimed to the owner with the highest waiver priority. Players not selected in the WTDFFL draft will go through a two-day waiver period at the start of the season.
  2. Waiver Order- The waiver order is set at the beginning of each season, following the draft. The waiver order is the same waiver order as the order of the second round of the draft. Once a player is placed on the waiver wire, owners will be able to place a waiver claim in accordance with ESPN rules. The owner with the highest waiver priority will receive the player. Any waiver move made by an owner will drop that owner to the lowest waiver priority position. If no move is made by an owner, the waiver priority for that owner will not be changed until such a claim is made. Free Agent claims will not impact an owner’s waiver wire position.
  3. Free Agent Eligibility- Free Agents are allowed to be picked up off the waiver wire following the draft all the way through the final week of the playoffs. Once the final week of the playoff finishes, owners are not eligible to pick up Free Agents until following the Draft. 
  4. The Marshawn Lynch (Gus) Rule- If a player who was on the roster of an owner leaves the league for any reason (i.e. retirement, not by way of discipline.) and then returns to the league the previous owner of that player has no rights to that player. For example, if Marshawn Lynch retires and someone cuts him, he is a free agent if he returns during the regular season.  If he returns during the offseason, he is eligible to be drafted by any team.

VIII. Playoffs:

  1. Set-up- The WTDFFL playoffs will consist of the top six teams in the league standings with the league’s top team in each division receiving a bye in the first round. The remaining playoff seeding will be issued according to the top four remaining records in the league, as determined by ESPN. There will be 3 total rounds in the playoffs. In the case that multiple teams have the same record then the tiebreaker shall consist of standard ESPN tiebreakers, beginning with Points For. The order that the teams finish in the playoffs determines their order in the draft for the upcoming season, with the exception of the first two teams eliminated. In the unlikely event of a tie, the winner will be the team with the highest potential points, also known as the “perfect lineup.” 
  2. Consolation- The remaining teams will be placed in a consolation bracket. The outcome in this bracket has no ramification on the upcoming draft. However, it has a lot to do with pride.
  3. Seeding- Both the Naomi and Sacko bracket will be seeded initially according to regular season rankings, and will be re-seeded to ensure that the highest seed plays the lowest remaining seed.
  4. Titles- The winner of the Naomi bracket, in addition to money, will get the league trophy for that year and eternal glory and bragging rights. The loser of the Sacko bracket will be named Sacko for the year, until a new Sacko is so named. That Sacko will have to be referred to as “Sacko” and will have to do the league punishment. The Sacko will also have to display the Sacko with pride, in a public view in his abode.
  5. League Punishment- At each draft, a vote on that year’s Sacko punishment will be held, and at this time, the new Sacko will be punished.  A simple majority vote will pass a Sacko punishment. In the event the team that won the Sacko leaves the league prior to completing the Sacko punishment, the owner leaving the league will pay the new owner’s league fee, and the new owner must complete a punishment or initiation to join the league.  The standard initiation for an owner taking over a Sacko team will be to serve beer and food during the day of the draft, for the whole day, until evening drinking begins.   

IX. Team Transfers and League Expansion:

  1. Process- In the event that a team’s owner decides to exit the league and no longer participate in The WTDFFL the following guidelines will detail that exit process whether it occurs midseason or during the off-season. It is the goal of the league to fill the ownership position as soon as possible and maintain normative league activities as best as possible during that time in which a team is ownerless. In the event, an exit from the position of owner occurs mid-season the Commissioner or Vice Commissioner will run the former owners team by inserting the players at each position with the highest projected total until the ownership is filled. In the event a team is ownerless on the day the draft, that date would be subject to delay at the Commissioners discretion.
  2. Exiting Player Responsibility- If a team’s owner no longer wishes to continue to participate in the WTDFFL please contact the League Commissioner or Vice Commissioner as soon as possible in order that they may arrange a replacement owner. There are a number of things that the remaining league owners will need to decide before a replacement is offered to another person. Please be diligent toward the remaining WTDFFL owners in this regard. The goal is to not have a time sensitive issue disrupt normative league activities, like Keeper Declaration deadlines and drafts. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated and go a long way toward your consideration for a later re-entry into The WTDFFL if sought after.
  3. Team Transfer-  In the event a team no longer wishes to be an owner or was voted out, a new owner will be selected. The new owner will be selected at the discretion of the League Commissioner and Vice Commissioner with proper consultation with other league owners. New owners can be approved through a two-third vote (6) by the 9 remaining league owners. The new league owner is strongly encouraged to read the bylaws of The WTDFFL upon entry into the league. It is preferred that the new owner will know as many of the current owners as possible, and also went to the University of Buffalo at or around the time period of 2011-2015. In the event a new owner assumes ownership of a team, that new owner has no vote in the first league continuation vote as an owner.
  4. Removal of Owner- If an owner is not adhering to proper ownership guidelines (setting rosters, engaging in the pick-up of free agents, not responding to league communications, colluding, accepting improper trades, etc.) then they are subject to possible removal. The removal process will take place by a two-thirds vote (6) of the 9 other current league owners. This process is only to be administered to owners who are not fulfilling responsibilities, not because someone is disliked or because the owners think someone else would be better.
  5. Adding Co-Owners- Co-owners may be introduced by a current league owner. The league’s current owners, not including the owner introducing the new member, will vote for the addition of the co-owner. It will take a two-third vote (9) for that owner to be accepted. It is up to that owner to decide the roles that the new co-owner will play. It must be clear what roles each of the owners will assume (who to contact for trades, payments, information, etc.) to prevent any confusion or bog down the process of the league. If it is found that the co-ownership of any franchise is hurting the league, the co-ownership can be removed by the same manner it was instituted. Any co-owner in the league would then become eligible for the first refusal rights in the case of team transfer or a league expansion.
  6. League Expansion- There must be a unanimous league vote to add expansion teams. There must be an even number of teams added in the case of expansion.  In the event of a league expansion, each team would be permitted to protect 80% of its roster. The protection percentage is based on the NFL’s 1995 expansion draft (adding of the Jaguars and Panthers) where each NFL team made 6 players from their 53 man roster available for the expansion draft. If TDL rosters were set at 25, then each team would be permitted to make five players available from their roster. The new expansion teams would then choose from the available pool of free agent players to fulfill their roster in a separate expansion draft. Those teams would then also receive the first two picks of the annual TDL rookie draft prior to the season they enter the league. They would also receive compensatory picks at the end of each round (all based on the 1995 expansion league draft).

X. Editing of Bylaws:

  1. Access and Agreement- These bylaws are first to be reviewed and then accepted through the signature of every member of the league, preferably before league play is to start. If a member fails to sign the bylaws they can be subject to removal from the league. Space will be provided in the case that future owners need to sign the constitutional bylaws. A hard copy, with signatures, of WTDFFL Constitution, will be kept in the homes of the Commissioner and Vice Commissioner, and can be inspected at request of an owner. Digital copies and hard copies, if possible and if requested, will be given to each owner. In the event of amending the constitutional bylaws, new copies will be sent out and signatures will be carried over from the original constitution.
  2. Amending– Amending bylaws can be initiated by a two-third vote (7) of active league owners. A team owner can present an amendment change to the League Commissioner who will then open discussion through email or league message board or on the GroupMe. The discussion is preferably at least open for 48 hours before any formal decision, and all votes will take place at the league draft. The Commissioner will announce the timing of the implementation of the rule at the time of the vote. All rules will be implemented to make sure that no owners receive and unfair advantage or disadvantage. Under no circumstances is the league format to change. This includes player positions and point system, with the exception of minor changes to defensive scoring. But, if a change to defensive scoring is passed, no change may be made for at least the following two seasons unless a unanimous vote by the owners occurs and only if the change compromised the league. If certain changes are made, it could create an unfair advantage for league owners who have built rosters towards an established format. The Commissioner has the ability to edit any of the followings without league vote: Language clean up that does not change the interpretation or enforcement of a rule, any rules that are affected by changes in the league host format, or the adding of anything necessary to clarify a league situation that does not effect a major change to the league.

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