David’s Deal Dissection 8/20-8/29

Welcome to the inaugural post of D3! This column will focus on the ins and outs of all trades inside Wasted Talent.

-Deal of the Week-

The deal of the day goes to the Batman squad for it’s middle of the road deal with projected Sacko contender “Return”, which one can only assume refers to his return to mediocrity. Getting rid of a hall of fame QB for a third year receiver on the Detroit Lions in Marvin Jones, who is project less points, touchdowns and yardage than last season, was a bold move and D3 is anxious to see how it works out. Further, his low amount of targets and competition at his position makes this deal, at the very least, a highly questionable move. After Sending NFL star QB Aaron Rodgers to the Batmen with the hope of second year QB Deshaun Watson being ready to step in and produce with his new knee, one can only assume Return headed to the gym to take some shirtless selfies and put them on tinder to boost his confidence. Maybe he can find some more trade advice on his pre-work out container.

D3 rates this trade a solid Jewish Hanukah miracle; 7/10 in favor of the Batmen.

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