Star of the Week!

Now before we get into who won this award, let’s talk about how this is going to work. As you all know, we are the most inclusive DFFL there is, so naturally this award is non-binary. The SOTW can be given to any person, animal, object, TV show, podcast, etc. Say you had your fish choose between two starters that week and it helped you win the league, that fish is SOTW! Maybe you tinkered Sunday morning on the dirty toilet in Denny’s, guess what? That toilet is SOTW! I think you get the picture. GT will be the contact for all SOTW nominations.

Now the moment you have all been waiting for! Your SOTW for preseason week 3 is……….

One Penn Plaza

One Penn Plaza!

How the heck did a building win SOTW? Well fasten your seat-belt because this is a wild one!

It all started Friday night when two of our very own had engaged in trade talks. We had Donald vs. Jordan in a negotiation battle for the ages. These two GMs have a very similar background. Both are Naomi winners and both have trained in the Actuarial Sciences at our alma mater, THE University at Buffalo (shout out Khalil Mack who is facing more than $1 million in fines). For those of you jabronis who might not be as well-versed in academia as myself, actuarial science uses mathematical and statistical methods to assess and manage risk. Talk about great GM training.

Okay, so back to Friday Night. Rumor Mill Rell leaked that Aaron Rodgers was on the trade block and oh boy was he right. Negotiations began between Jordan and Donald while Jordan was at the Jets game, there was some back and forth but unfortunately nothing good happens at MetLife Stadium for Jets or Giants fans, so no deal was achieved. Hot Seat: MetLife Stadium.

Jordan searching for a way to get A-A-Ron Rodgers at Metlife Stadium.

Fast forward to Monday; Jordan is working as hard as always at One Penn Plaza. Which means negotiations had opened back up. More back and forth between the owners, a struggle between a Actuarial Analyst (Jordan) and a Fraud Specialist (Donald). Let’s just say that resulted in more haggling than when you try to buy a fake Louis Vuitton wallet in the back room of a Chinatown store.

Jordan was nice and comfy  in his office at One Penn Plaza. He had left the stench of defeat back in New Jersey and used the bright lights of the big city to give him that extra push.  A deal was done!

Jordan Receives: Aaron Rodgers

Don Receives: Marvin Jones Jr. and Jordan’s 2019 Second Rd Pick

Any time you can acquire the best fantasy QB in the game, you have to be excited, and lets just say that Jordan’s excited screams were echoing throughout One Penn Plaza that day. I will leave further trade analysis to our in-house trade expert David Keegan. 

So there you have it, your SOTW, One Penn Plaza.


Honorable Mentions!

  1. Zeke Sandhu (OBJ’s agent who made him a lot of money)
  2. Atlanta Falcons D/ST (The Falcons have decreased their beer prices to $5, talk about a great way to get the crowd going)





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