Go Bills?

Where to start with this one. “Trust The Process” (or rather “Respect The Process” thanks to Joel Embid) sounds more like an ad for hotdogs instead of a war cry.

The Bills rock solid pick for QB after a long and gruelling three way competition for the job lasted exactly two quarters as Nate Peterman threw two picks without gaining a single first down in the first half. Couple that with virtually no offense to be spoken of (total of 5 yards in the first half, including 3 DRIVES ending in negative yardage… Fucking embarrassing..) and it is no surprise that head coach Sean “The Process” McDermott needs to “watch the tape and reevaluate” which QB will get the start week 2 against the chargers.

Delusional Bills fans still believe Peterman will figure it out. Meanwhile the rook Allen came in and put up only slightly better numbers. Petey went 5/18 with 24 yards and 2 INTs with a whopping 0.0 QBR… Joshy the Future went 6/15 for 74 yards 56.0 QBR.

Cirlce the Wagons… Please God…

A large portion of the blame could be placed at the feet of the young and inexperienced offensive line. Not even touching on the 6 sacks the line gave up, the Bills’ supposedly run based offense produced a whopping 83 yards rushing, 27 of those yards coming from QBs. Star RB Shady McCoy, fresh off the news he will not be charged with beating the shit out of his ex, rushed 7 times for 22 yards. Great start for a guy who started the season chasing 12K. The Bills playcall also seemed questionable, based on the fact that they ran more passing plays than runs. Maybe, again, this is due to the young and inexperienced offensive line. The Bills did not score a touchdown in this game and only made one trip to the red zone. Ouch. s

How About That Defense?

Yeah… About that defense. What happened from last season with a D that was at least good enough to keep the Bills in football games? McDermott’s defense looked absolutely terrible as well. Any defense that allows the not elite Flacco a 25/34 256 yards 3 TDs and a 121.7 QBR stat line should be shot, collectively. I have no idea where the pass rush was. But it wasn’t in Baltimore unless you count their sideline. The Bills are going to need their D to step up if they have any chance of winning.

That offensive line is worse than a blind bouncer. Everyone gets through.

It is clear that this line is depleted. Losing Eric Wood and everyone’s favorite CTE victim Richie Incognito, coupled with the Sentrel Henderson trade, left the Bills with absolutely no talent on their line. I’ve seen games of red rover with more promising pass blocking than this group. So naturally, how do the Bills address that problem? They sign a defensive end reject from the Cleveland Browns. Great fuckin move.

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