Upset of the Week 10/17-10/20

Greetings again to our future award winning readers of the Wasted Talent Dynasty League!

Welcome to another edition of Upset of the Week. Last week was a wild ride in the fantasy universe. To start, we will do a quick recap of last weeks upset picks.

  1. Yours truly nailed the Cum Rivers as they beat Mahomies by 21 points! Shout out to Coach Reed who prepared his players hard all week in order to nut all over Mahomies on Sunday. A terrible outing for Emmanuel Sanders (1 point) only solidified Courtland Suttons status as the number 1 wideout in Denver, even though Joe “absolutely not elite” Flacco couldn’t throw a touchdown to save his family. To be honest, no one really stood out on either of these two fantasy squads this week. Cum Rivers actually had a RB finish with -1 yards (Lewis). Still, Sanders almost dropping a goose egg was the difference. Congrats to Cum Rivers, and to myself for being right.

    nailed it the office GIF

  2. My other Upset did not go as planned. OJ needed some better tape on the opponent as even Le’Bell’s benched wideouts could have won that game, and Goff (who I traded away for value, and got roasted for doing so) finished with, wait for it, 78 total yards for 1.1 points. It says a lot about the direction of your team when your best player was the defense. The really concerning part for OJ at this point is that his bench scoring did absolutely nothing, so it’s not like Coach Authoritarian Leader could have done anything to avoid getting his bell rung (pun intended). Thank god he has Melvin Gordon back….

With those recaps, my upset record is 1-1. An even .500. Which is pretty much always where I sit in fantasy. I feel right at home.

Now for the real money maker. My upset picks this week:

  1. Cum Rivers > Totally not at all original name (-15)
    • Yes, again, i’m picking old man rivers (actually Dak Prescott it looks like) over the FX series wanabees. When you look at the rosters, Coach Gus seems to not have any true superstars besides Ertz and Rogers. Cum Rivers 1,2 punch of Carson and Mack should do the trick, and Prescott is going to be looking to sling it after an embarrassing loss to the New York Jets, even without the greatest wide receiver ever, Amari Cooper. Also I love Terry McLaurin on a Redskins team that finally got a W! Congrats R Word nation. Gruden who?
      the league queue GIF
  2. Allen The Family > Daniel MF Jones (-6)
    • Now before you say this is a home job post, let me be clear. It is.. but i don’t care roll Allen. While my squad lost Kamara for the week, Murray is no slouch in a high octane offense. Allen is coming off a bye week where (hopefully) he will harpoon a terrible Dolphins team like its hunting season in Japan. After Courtland Sutton more or less canceled out star wideout Tyreek Hill, it left the door open for this contest to go in my favor. Not going to lie, most of this opinion is predicated on the fact that the Bills D is one of, if not thee, best D in the league, and the dolphins absolutely suck. On the other side, Daniel Jones has been ballin out recently, and that has to stop sometime. By now there is plenty of film on him and with the return of Barkley, it’s possible Jones won’t be throwing a ton of passes in the red zone…. BUT… they are playing Arizona. So it’s also possible Jones will drop 40 and smoke me. BUT THAT’S WHY WE PLAY THE GAMES.giphy (2)
  3. Finally, as a special treat for all you snowflakes out there…. my third and final upset is ALL OF YOU THAT THINK THE JETS ARE BETTER THAN THE BILLS. Yeah you got super triggered by that, kicking me out of the group chat for almost a full day. I could go into a long explanation of stats and figures that clearly show that Darnold is only marginally better than Allen (they have a very close QBR), but that’s not what we want here. Let’s get the people going with facts about the overall team. I get the “Jets are better with Darnold” argument, but if i made those statements about the Bills, you’d all crucify me. The fact of the matter is that the Jets D is not better than Buffalo, their offensive line is not better than Buffalo, and the Bills have won more games in NEW JERSEY than the Jets have. Darnold did diddly squat against the Bills in their first game and, to be fair, Buffalo didn’t do much either. But, I’ll take an allstar Defense in a late game scenario over the C.J. Mosleyless Jets D. Buffalo has 14 trips to the Red Zone this season and 10 Touchdowns. That’s a pretty damn good conversion rate. Not to mention that a 36 year old Frank Gore is averaging like 6 yards a carry (i did not look this up but it’s somewhere around there). Buffalo’s coaching staff is also (in my opinion and a lot of others) way better than the Jets, and our offensive coordinator is getting high praise all over the league. But, let’s be honest. Don’t sleep on Buffalo. If they keep up their winning ways they will have a shot at the AFC East in the second to last game of the season against New England. Buffalo plays Miami twice and Washington once over the next five weeks, and the way Dallas played last week, Dallas is going to have trouble getting past Buffalo’s divine secondary. josh allen football GIF by NFL

As always, thanks for reading, and Go Bills!

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