SOTW – Week 6

Now before we get into who won this award, let’s talk about how this is going to work. As you all know, we are the most inclusive DFFL there is, so naturally this award is non-binary. The SOTW can be given to any person, animal, object, TV show, podcast, etc. Say you had your fish choose between two starters that week and it helped you win the league, that fish is SOTW! Maybe you tinkered Sunday morning on the dirty toilet in Denny’s, guess what? That toilet is SOTW! I think you get the picture. GT will be the contact for all SOTW nominations.

My original plan for this week was to award the SOTW honor to The Athletes, and Don for their domination of the Relevant Teams this week. The Relevant Teams were so bad this week that even one of their “Powerhouse” teams lost to our worst team who is actively trying to tank.

Unfortunately, Josh screwed it up and took the lone L for our division.

So now what do I do? Do I give it to Frank for his superb defense? Do I give it to Don Eaves for preventing the sweep?

Luckily, for the first time this year, I received a nomination from one of our our league owners (“governors” if you want to be PC like the NBA, but we should avoid their model or we might lose all of our revenue from China).

Due to my utter failure as a GM and coach, my fantasy season is lost. Naturally, I had to find a way to recoup my losses on fantasy. So I decided earn some extra cash and clean up leaves for my elderly neighbors.

Just kidding, I decided to gamble.

Using advice from our esteemed expert, I put my faith in Texas to cover the spread (+11.5)against Oklahoma. As the game went on, things were beginning to look bleak. The Longhorns were down 14 and I was drunk in Ellicottville.

Then our SOTW came in and saved the day.

Josh (left) our Week 6 SOTW!

How could Josh have won SOTW even though he lost the sweep for our division? Well, more importantly, he helped Guster and I become filthy rich!

With just over 4 minutes left in the in the game, that sunnabitch Jalen Hurts scored to put Oklahoma up for 14. That is when our hero came in to save the day.

He texted Guster, saying that he should have taken Oklahoma (see evidence below). Once that happened, we knew we were saved.

Congrats on the award Josh and thank you.


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