Not Your Father’s Power Rankings: Week 7

Cash me on tha train how bow dah!?

Two blogs in 3 days!? I’m an absolute mad man. While I am aware there are some games that are still technically undecided I am going to do this now because boy do I not feel like doing it during precious Apex Legends time. By the way, #RIPIP to Fortnite.

That’s right! I inexplicably (because I was on a train writing a blog and not fact checking) left our reigning, defending, undisputed Wasted Talent FFL Champion of the Woooooorld off of last weeks breakdown portion of my the Power Rankings. I’ll be damned if he didn’t just shove it right up my ass! Donald is not a joke, I repeat, NOT a joke. He has Greg and Atlanta in garbage time to thank for that but either way the kid is hot.

Transitioning from the hottest of the hot to the coldest of the cold. Jason has quickly turned back into a pumpkin right in time for Halloween. Keenan Allen needed to simply match his projection in order for Jason to right the ship but instead he turned in an actual shit show of a game. People are asking if he has somehow forsaken his queen? Tough to tell when he rarely engages with his friends through friendly banter and roasting. Regardless, he can’t seem to figure it out and I think I can speak for the whole league when I say that’s a real shame.

Dove tailing off of that GT is finally triumphant! On the backs of his steeds of the past few years Tyreek Hill and David Johnson, GT reached into his bag of tricks to pull this one out and I for one feel good for him.

The final important story line we need to touch on here is the disparity of talent between our two divisions. Let’s look at the average score by division this week. For the games that are still ongoing I will just go based on projection.

Athletes and Don: 131.72

Relevant” Teams: 117.84

Without further Adieu, your Week 7 Power Rankings:

  1. Don Eaves
  2. Frank
  3. Donald
  4. Josh
  5. Jordan
  6. Ryan
  7. Jason
  8. Keegan
  9. GT
  10. Zeglen

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