Not Your Father’s Power Rankings: Train Edition #2

Live look at your Athletes and Don Division leader

We’re back living our worst life…

Josh is just getting back from his posh trip to Barthelona, Jordan is taking his 100th vacation of the year, Ryan’s out here hiking, WITH A WOMAN, and what am I doing? Riding another fucking train. The only good thing is I can formulate and disseminate my thoughts to you plebs while I drift in and out of cell service and Linda’s stinky feet are making the whole train smell like asparagus piss.

Last week we saw our division leaders (muah) and Don drop dong once again. Remember when Keegan and Donald had issues with my Power Rankings? Yeah me neither because lions don’t concern themselves with the opinions of sheep. That reference is a deep cut to one of the biggest group arguments we have had and I would love to get that going again so Keegan take a stand once again please.

Regarding Fantasy Football…

Like I said, I won, Don won, GT lost, the world continues as expected. The up and down year for Jordan continued though, he dropped 165 on Keegan’s piss poor squad. He is itching his way back up in the rankings like Alex Honnold. Unfortunately he was unable to climb any spots this week, but with another strong week I could be persuaded to move him up with a OTPHJ.

Jason is looking more like Wile e coyote after I opened him up last week. With Gurley starting to finally succumb to his shitty body Jason is looking weak, which means he will probably put up 236 points this week, sorry Greg. Eyes are on the Don and Josh matchup. Don is still #1 in our Power Rankings, sorry for the spoiler, but with a victory Josh could pull a Yeezy and jump over the Jumpman. As always keep and eye out for next weeks Power Rankings. For now, please enjoy and please fight about it.

  1. Don Eaves
  2. Frank
  3. Josh
  4. Jason
  5. Jordan
  6. Donald
  7. Ryan
  8. Keegan
  9. Zeglen
  10. Greg

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