Franks Power Rankings: Week 10

I finally did it, I went 8 weeks bragging about how I didn’t miss a blog like the arrogant SOB I am. Call of Duty Vanguard releases and I become an idiot! That being said, I am back.

In the last two weeks we have seen a lot of drama in the NFL. Aaron Rodgers is a witch doctor, OBJ is going to ruin a new locker room and Dalvin Cook may be a piece of shit (allegedly).

The fantasy world has been shaken up as well. Don Eaves still cannot get anything rolling, Gus is getting healthy at the right time, Donald is a wagon, and the Morning Squad and Frank is clearly the superior division.

Power Rankings

1. Franks Process – I know that each time I put myself at 1 something bad happens but my team is almost completely healthy and I have multiple solid options in every position besides TE. I’m excited to see how my fantasy world crumbles next.

2.) Blockhead Boys – all I needed to do was rank Ryan low and he came all the way back. If he is able to take me down this week plus 40 points he could take over first place. If Ryan needs to improve anywhere though it is just figuring out if Jacobs can truly be a strong RB2.

3.) Is this my year? – Donald just has talent at the top. I said at the beginning of the year that ESPN was dead wrong. Don has managed to stay healthy and Fournette has come along as a more than capable option at running back. If Julio can garner more attention in the Titans offense, Don could have a shot.

4. Josh Allen is Josh Allen’s Daddy – Kamara being out this week dropped Keegan’s squad down from 3 to 4 for me. His star WRs this year have left much to desire however he has gotten a breakthrough talent in James Conner. If Kamara is fine, Keegan will be fine.

5. Kittles and Blitz – Here I am again, ranking Don Eaves in the top 5. Will he disappoint me again? Probably. Dons running back situation may have gone from best to worst. If he didn’t have the best WR duo in the league he would be outside the top 6 for sure. He should prob trade for Chubb’s handcuff, just saying.

6. Jafarison Jafar – I wanted to put Jafar at 5, I really did but I just couldn’t. Even though he has a slightly better RB situation than Don Eaves it is still abysmal. If anything happens to Travis Kelce Jason will simply implode. Happy Birthday though!

7. Chalupa Batmans – If it wasn’t for the 2-7 record Gus would be higher. His team is peaking now for sure. The emergence of Kyle Pitts and Darrell Henderson have propelled Gus from the depths of hell up to #7. If CMC can be 80% of what he is expected to be Gus could rip off a few wins and sneak in to the playoffs.

8. Albany Fantasy Football Team – I hope you enjoyed your spam musubi Greg! Happy honeymooning to you and your lady. Will Cam Newton be able to make DJ Moore the guy many think he can be? Probably not. Even though the Chiefs offense is down, the Ravens reignited passing game will keep G afloat for now. For any chance this year he needs to find consistency at RB. A trade could get him back in it.

9. New Stove Out of Gas – A moment of silence for Henry please…….. thank you. I am a certified Mike Williams hater. I think his production is about to fall off a cliff. I think Steves team is going to get worse before it gets better. Najee is a bright spot but his production is also tracking on an unsustainable pace. Prove me wrong Steve, shake off the Zeglen curse.

10. Sutton to NOT Believe in – Josh isn’t even starting his teams namesake. That is not good fantasy luck. The future looks brighter than the present but I do not see a world where Josh can compete this year. He will be resigned to rooting for everyone else’s downfall which I’m sure the fantasy gods will look at favorably.

shiva kamini soma kandarkram!

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