Frank’s Power Rankings: Week 13

Chaos is among us here in the WTFFL. Some teams who had glimpses of hope this year could be completely crushed after this week.

Donald has led the squad over at Is this my year? to the brink of a first round bye even without key contributors Julio Jones and Chris Carson. However, once he lost Deebo Samuel his chances of another title have dramatically decreased.

Keegan and Donald are twin flames this season. Low expectations coming into the year only to prove the haters and losers (of which there are many) wrong. After losing his workhorse Alvin Kamara he is also looking to secure a first round bye which may give him much needed time to heal and defend his title.

Franks Process finally relinquished first place to the Blockhead Boys and truthfully I don’t see it being reclaimed. The Blockhead Boys are clicking on all cylinders and Franks Process lost key contributors in D’Andre Swift and Dalvin Cook all in one week. Praise be to Cordarelle Patterson though.

The race for the Sacko has also tightened up a bit. Statistic powerhouse Kittle and Blitz look to avoid the sacko bracket and honestly I think Jordan, GT, Steve and Josh are rooting for him to avoid it as well. No one wants to see that motherfucker first round.

Power Rankings

1. Blockhead Boys

2. Franks Process

3. Kittles and Blitz

4. Josh Allen is Your Daddy

5. Is this my year?

6. Jafarison Jafar

7. New Stove in the Kitchen

8. Albany Fantasy Football Team

9. Chalupa Batmans

10. Sutton to Believe In

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